At PACKQUEEN, we are pleased to provide a huge selection of gift boxes including hamper boxes, bomboniere boxes, jewellery boxes, and even wedding favour boxes. We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of high quality and affordable packaging supplies all around Adelaide. We also provide gift wrapping, food packaging and postage boxes all available in our one-stop shop online store.
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Packing Boxes Adelaide Businesses Use to Boost Their Brand

All businesses have to start somewhere and so while some begin life from a garage, others have a lucrative investment deal in place. The challenges are the same in both instances. You want to establish a customer base and gain recognition in the marketplace. While advertising spends can be astronomically priced, packing boxes offer smart Adelaide business minds a much more economical means of generating an identity and all that’s needed is a little dash of creativity.

Here at PACKQUEEN, we are the ultimate supplier of packing boxes and accessories in Australia. Our goal is to help you to sell your product and we aim to do so by making a huge range of packaging options available in a variety of eye-catching colours, that will empower you to set your products apart from all others.

We appreciate that your time is precious and that every dollar counts, and so, we not only offer bulk discounts, meaning that the more you buy, the less you pay per item, but we also have an easy to use online ordering system, which can save time when you need to reorder. Naturally, we offer plenty of information, product descriptions and photos on our site so that you can appreciate the quality of the goods we supply.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Figuring how best to package and ship your goods often takes time, but that depends on what you want to achieve. Those starting out may need to be a little more conservative in terms of the choices they make so that they can really make their budgets stretch, and so here at PACKQUEEN, we have a range of high-quality, economical options, that come in black, white and brown.

For those that have a little more in the kitty, our premium range affords you the luxury of choosing specific colours, which will undoubtedly help to reinforce your brand and business identity.

We understand that depending on the business space you occupy your packaging requirements may be small or large, or somewhere in between. To this end, if you want to buy packing boxes for your Adelaide business our minimum order quantity is 25 units, and we encourage those that wish to order more than 2,000 units at a time to get in touch via phone or email because we just might be able to give you further discounts on your final tally.

At PACKQUEEN, we love receiving a package in the mail. There is a sense of occasion about it and it recalls opening presents as a child that we handpicked for you. Thus, if the packaging that houses the products you have ordered is robust, carefully sealed and perhaps personalised or in a colour that makes an immediate impression then the delivery feels even more special.

Best of all, when you ship cardboard boxes from your Adelaide warehouse or factory, the ultimate goal is for the end user to be so impressed with what they receive that they are compelled to snap and share it on social media.

Thinking Outside The Box

Here at PACKQUEEN, we are proudly Australian-owned and we manufacture approximately 80% of our products here in Melbourne. We even include the Made in Australia logo online for those that wish to support their home-grown peers. We believe in thinking outside the box and making all the solutions you might need accessible in one place so that you can focus your efforts on core competencies safe in the knowledge that you have a trustworthy and dependable supplier ready to ship whenever you need.

So, for cardboard boxes that Adelaide businesses can use to ship their products and brand around the country and the world, seek out the incredible range of choice and superb prices right here at PACKQUEEN.

Pack Queen specialise in product packaging in Australia. These include:

Make sure you get in contact with us for all your gift packaging & accessories & all other packaging solutions.

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