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Why the Packaging Movement Is Leading Towards Personalisation and Custom Gifting Options

Why the Packaging Movement Is Leading Towards Personalisation and Custom Gifting Options - PackQueen

The packaging industry is witnessing a shift towards personalization and custom gifting options. In our business-to-business blog, we discuss the reasons behind this movement and its impact on businesses and consumers. Discover how embracing customization can help you create unique and memorable branding experiences.

Gifting is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Many moons ago, those who wanted to show their appreciation, reward someone or make a gesture that could lead to a more prosperous future had to be creative and tap into the resources available to them and hope that the end result was a positive response.

Gifting was brought to new heights in the 20th century, with consumerism and brands dictating how we let those at the top of our gifting lists know that we wanted to impress and delight them.

However, too much of a good thing inevitably leads to fatigue. Enter the packaging movement, which has come as a breath of fresh air - simultaneously revitalizing custom gifting and encouraging shoppers to engage with a more personalised approach.

What You Can Achieve Through Personalised Gifting

The reason that this movement has caught fire and is set to explode over the coming years is that people are remembering how much fun it was to get creative and come up with imaginative gifts. And as more and more recipients get that sense of childlike wonder back, they inevitably want to reignite the same excitement for their nearest and dearest.

The packaging movement is also a great way to show someone how well you know them. No branded trinket or pre-packaged generic product says as much as a bespoke item that has been carefully wrapped up and is filled with meaning that is significant only to the recipient.

There are endless Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages out there making the world aware of unique ideas, as well as thousands more from major corporations that want to push their brand to the top.

Your unique view of the world affords you many opportunities to introduce someone in your life to something that you've discovered but know that they will love. Presenting it to them in a customised package heightens the sense of excitement and can pay off in a big way.

Furthermore, maybe you are tired of watching people having the same old gifts given to them every year and wish that a new take was around that would genuinely surprise the recipient. Sometimes you can look at a wrapped-up present and, without opening, know what's inside. However, with a little ingenuity and imagination, you can create a surprising gift experience, which is just as valuable and treasured as the actual gift.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the celebration of an occasion is less about the value of the gifts given and more so about the thought because that is ultimately what will be remembered. As such, using bespoke packaging is a smart way to create memories, even on a budget. There are so many different packaging options available today that can bring heaps of mystery, anticipation and excitement, and all without having to spend a fortune.

Engage Your Creativity and Imagination

As it becomes more and more difficult to find something unique that hasn't been thought of before, the smart approach to gifting is to engage your own imagination and get those creative juices flowing. Gifting is a tradition and the ceremonial aspect of the process is what people really turn up for.

So, instead of worrying about whether what you've bought is good enough, or if they already have it, take matters into your own hands by finding something thoughtful and packaging it in a way that lets your friend, family member or colleague know how much they matter to you.

The packaging movement is leading toward many more personalised and customised gifts because at heart everyone remembers the wonder they felt as a child when they were handed a gloriously wrapped mystery. It is a feeling that never gets old, no matter what age we are.

In the end, embracing creativity and imagination adds something unique to the gifting experience that can bring the gifter and recipient even closer together.

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