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Unboxing Experience for Customers

Unboxing Experience for Customers - PackQueen

Discover the power of the unboxing experience in our business-to-business blog. From creating anticipation to fostering brand loyalty, we delve into the various elements that make up a memorable unboxing experience, ensuring your customers are delighted from the moment they receive your package.

The growth of eCommerce means that customers no longer get the opportunity to touch products and experience them first hand before they buy. They are, as a result, more reliant on the description and images of the products on websites and have to trust they are accurate.

With the increased popularity of social media, potential customers now have other means of obtaining independent and unbiased views of products. These are increasingly tied in with the packaging used when despatching products and so suppliers need to take greater care in ensuring their packaging is the best and most appropriate it can be.

The Importance of Creating a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The subject of unboxing has been popularised by YouTube where you can find a large number of videos about it. The term refers to the unpacking and examination of a purchased product, with the experience being shared on social media. Given the rise of eCommerce, unboxing has grown in popularity as prospective purchasers seek to learn about a product they plan to buy.

The importance of unboxing for suppliers is that it gives the option to publicise their products. Most significantly, since the unboxing videos are posted by actual buyers rather than the suppliers themselves, they provide an independent and unbiased review of the products. As a result, they are more valued by potential customers since they are not marketing videos produced by the companies.

The value of unboxing videos cannot be underestimated by suppliers since they provide a valuable marketing tool but without the usual large marketing budget. They have the potential to attract a very large audience, are considered, to be honest evaluations of a product, are remembered better than standard advertisements, and can drive brand loyalty and increased sales.

All of this will only happen, of course, if the product is of sufficient quality to create good reviews. And, since unboxing is all about unpacking the product and seeing it for the first time, the packaging it comes in needs to be of equal quality so that the whole experience is enjoyable.

Any customer who is attracted to buy after seeing an unboxing video will expect the same standard of quality when receiving the product. If so, that may well lead to repeat purchases and recommendations, requiring a consistently high standard of packaging as well as the product.

Creating the required Unboxing Experience

The pleasure of receiving an eCommerce product, as often reflected in unboxing videos, is the anticipation of what's in the box and the excitement of opening it. That can be assured by thoughtful and careful unboxing experience design of the packaging as well as a quality product.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the packaging must be capable of keeping the product safe during its consignment. A battered box and a damaged product will lead to an unpleasant unboxing experience and a loss of consumer trust that's hard to recover from.

The packaging also has to be practical so that it's efficient for the packing process but also easy to open for the customer without the frustration caused by difficulties in extracting the product. It requires a quality appearance that matches the product, not only for the benefit of the video but also for the satisfaction of the customer. And since it is going to be seen by possibly thousands of potential customers, it needs to be printed with branding rather than being an anonymous box.

With our wide range of standard and bespoke packaging (Tape, ribbons, tissue paper, labels and more), you can ensure the unboxing experience is the best it can possibly be. And with the potential for promoting your brand that can bring, it's an opportunity you can't afford to miss.

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