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Top 5 Best Materials Revealed for Corporate Gift Boxes

Top 5 Best Materials Revealed for Corporate Gift Boxes - PackQueen

Enhance your corporate gifting experience with our business-to-business blog. We unveil the top five materials that are ideal for creating stunning and memorable corporate gift boxes, impressing clients and leaving a lasting impression.

The main aim of a box is to protect its contents, and that's particularly important for something that has to be taken to its destination by the mail system or a courier. Opening a much-anticipated parcel and finding the contents are damaged leads to a great sense of disappointment.

For a corporate gift, the box needs to be strong and suitable for postage, but it also needs to be presentable and it should convey the brand's message. It's also part of the whole presentation and says something about the quality of the gift that's inside. That, in turn, indicates how much you value the recipient.

Good gift boxes don't get thrown away but can be used over and again. And if they carry your company's name and logo, your branding is available to be seen into the future. So make sure the gift and its box really stand out and make a lasting impression because they can send a very powerful message.

Customers will appreciate suppliers who value them and employees will equally appreciate companies that take care of their staff. That results in increased loyalty, which can lead to extra sales and improved productivity and can also cause your company to be talked about favourably and enthusiastically, leading to increased business. It is, therefore, well worth investing in the packaging as well as the corporate gift it contains.

Choosing the Best Materials

Given that a corporate gift box has to be durable as well as able to impress, this influences the materials you choose. To achieve both aims, we tend to use different sizes and types of paper or cardboard-based boxes. Suitable box materials are:

  1. Cardboard in lightweight form or quality plastic that is suitable for small and light gifts.
  2. Heavy duty cardboard that is better able to withstand knocks and is more suitable when dispatching gifts rather than delivering by hand.
  3. Rigid cardboard, which is unlikely to bend too far and is extremely durable.
  4. Paperboard that is equally as durable as cardboard but has additional sturdiness and is more suitable for heavy gifts.
  5. Corrugated fibreboard that is available as single or double wall, with the latter adding greater rigidity and durability.

If you're not sure what to use, we can provide advice and samples.

Making Your Packaging Material Create the Right Impression

Although a card-based corporate gift box may not seem the most impressive form of packaging, it can be made extremely attractive with the right treatment. Our gift boxes are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, both inside and out, so you can achieve exactly the appearance you want. They can be covered in glossy or matte paper in shades that match your corporate branding and can also have numerous variations to make them truly unique.

Since your corporate gift is intended to reward loyalty, show appreciation, encourage participation or for a similar reason, you want to make the packaging reflect that. Use coloured tissue paper or satin to line the box, ribbons and tape to add interest to the outside and conceal the contents with a solid lid or give a tantalising glimpse with a clear acetate lid.

Add corporate branding to the box, so the origin of the gift is clearly shown and don't forget to add an insert if you think that helps. This may simply be a business card or compliment slip with a handwritten note that will make the gift seem more personal.

If the aim of the gift is to make a favourable impression on its recipient, make it a lasting one with a gift box that sends a message of quality. With our customised design service coupled with our experience and expertise, you can be sure your corporate gift will really hit the mark.



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