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Top 4 Common Shortcuts Suppliers Take With Custom Boxes

Top 4 Common Shortcuts Suppliers Take With Custom Boxes - PackQueen

Want to avoid common pitfalls with custom boxes? Join us in our business-to-business blog as we highlight the top four shortcuts that suppliers often take and how it can impact the quality and effectiveness of your custom packaging.

Packaging is intended to protect its contents while in transit or in storage. However, packaging can be much more than that because, if designed and made properly, it can say a lot about the contents and about your company and its service. It can, in fact, make the difference between a customer being attracted to your products or buying from one of your competitors instead.

If you are going to invest in custom boxes, you want them to project exactly the right image as well as being able to protect the contents against damage. Consequently, you want to be sure your supplier provides the packaging properly and doesn't take shortcuts to save money.

Here are a few common shortcuts that suppliers take when it comes to custom boxes so you know what to look out for:

1. Not having the Right Equipment

Proper customisation starts with design and that means having comprehensive design software that will enable a template to be produced that clearly shows how the box will be produced, cut, folded and assembled.

Most design software will be capable of producing 2D images but the better ones, whether directly or using plug-ins or add-ons, will also be able to show 3D representations so you can clearly see how your finished package will look.

Suppliers that don't do the job properly may not have the best printing and production equipment or may sub-contract the work to a third party. Sub-contracting does save on capital costs but it may result in an inferior product from a company that doesn't necessarily specialise in packaging.

That may prevent them supplying a 3D mock-up of the finished box, which can be crucial in approving its suitability.

2. Insufficient Variations

Ideally, you want your customised box to be the perfect size for its contents and to have all the features you want. Some suppliers, however, will give you very limited choice so you have to make compromises rather than getting exactly what you need.

In many cases, you can choose from a very narrow range of box types, sizes, materials and finishes so the level of customisation is limited. What you really want to do is choose a box type (generally ether a folding carton or a set-up box, often with a separate lid, for more expensive products), an exact size, closure method and finish.

Rather than limited colours and finishes, you should be able to choose something that matches your branding and the image you want to portray.

3. Poor Quality Materials

One sure way to cut costs is to use flimsy, single-wall card. However, that may produce a box that's not sufficiently rigid or durable to protect the contents. No matter how good your box looks, it's not doing its job if the contents are damaged and that will create exactly the wrong impression of your company.
You want to be able to choose from a range of materials so you can select one that's suitable for the weight of the contents. A competent supplier will offer a wide range of materials, in different thicknesses so the box contents are kept safe and the package can resist knocks.

4. Lack of Flexibility

Customising a box really means choosing exactly the features you want. Many suppliers, however, offer a very limited amount of customisation and can't produce the effect you want to achieve.

8Ideally, you want to be able to choose the size and type of box you want then finish it off in a way that sends the required message. You may want to include logos and company branding, product descriptions, barcodes, environmental information and other details.

You may also need to leave a space to add special offer information but you can't create the box you want if the supplier cuts corners to save costs.

Getting the Perfect Customised Box

At PackQueen, we provide cost-effective customised boxes without taking any shortcuts. We'll help you design exactly what you want, produce it to conform to that design an d deliver it when needed in the quantity you want. And we'll ensure it protects the contents as well as projecting the right message.


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