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Tips to Being a Responsible Shipper

Tips to Being a Responsible Shipper - PackQueen

Join us in our business-to-business blog as we provide valuable tips on how to be a responsible shipper. From eco-friendly packaging materials to efficient shipping practices, learn how to minimize your environmental footprint while maximizing customer satisfaction.

It's very easy for things to get lost in the fray especially during peak seasons and this sometimes includes important things like shipping and delivery timeframes.

Very little else can cause you to lose customers faster than letting them down and very little else can make a customer feel more let down than unmet delivery promises and lead times. It's true that this is more often than not beyond your control as the shipper but that doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do.

Here are some of the things you can do to become a more responsible shipper:

1. Manage Expectations

It's important to have a clear identification between your non-peak and peak seasons so you can anticipate when deliveries may take a little longer than expected. Sending out an email to forewarn customers even before the peak season begins can help a great deal and impress customers thanks to your foresight. Setting clear expectations will at least clear up any misunderstandings that might come up and give you enough time to deliver.

2. Streamline Your Processes

It all begins inside. So, even before the peak season begins, make sure you get as organised as you can with your stocks, your processing line, picking and packing and fulfillment. Take a look at your inventory and supplies (even your office supplies) and stock up on the essentials. Running out of stock can be embarrassing because it shows a lack of planning and forethought so you need to get ahead of it.

If you need more people to help with the workload, it would be great to hire in the off-peak season so you can be sure you're ready when the peak season does roll around. Get your warehouse and showroom organised as well, anticipating a lot of action. This way, you're ready for just about anything.

PackQueen has a wide range of pick bins and storage boxes as well as counter displays that you can use in your store, showroom or warehouse for displaying sale items, storing products and stocking up the assembly line for picking and packing orders in preparation for dispatch.

3. Have a List of Couriers Ready

You may have been working with your courier for a long time and that's fine but you have to anticipate that they'll be busy during the peak season too. Too busy, in fact, that they may not be able to prioritize your shipments and become lax when delivering parcels. Peak seasons have seen an increase in lost and damaged because couriers tend to become a little careless when they're too busy. Keep in mind that it always pays to have a backup even when it comes to couriers.

4. Stay in Touch

It's very irritating and annoying when you don't know what's going on especially when it concerns something that you spent money on. The stress level doubles when it's for a special occasion. Even though delivery delays are beyond your control, it helps a great deal when you keep in touch with your customers, letting them know what's going on with their orders even if it's bad news. Keep in mind, bad news is even better than no news at all.

Stop hiding behind the reasoning that delivery delays are beyond your control because it doesn't make your business look good and it doesn't make customers feel better. Be open and honest with your customers. They already paid you so they already gave you their trust. It's up to you to return the favour by showing them that you're right there with them from the time of purchase until the delivery of their order is completed.


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