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Time for a New Product Package Design? Rebrand!

Time for a New Product Package Design? Rebrand! - PackQueen
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Are you ready to breathe new life into your product package design? Join us in our business-to-business blog as we discuss the importance of rebranding and how it can rejuvenate your business, captivate customers, and boost sales.

What is a Brand?

Before we talk about rebranding, we need to make sure we cover exactly what a brand is. A brand is not your logo, and it's not your jingle, and it's not your packaging. It's also not your salespeople or even your product.

A brand exists only in the mind of your consumers, and it is the sum total of all the interactions that your customers have with you.

Do they love the logo? That's part of it. Do they love the paper it's printed on? That's part of it, too. Do they like the new formulations, the cashier at the desk, the customer service, and the storefront? All of these things are part of your brand.

Your goal, as a business owner, is to make sure that all of these customer interactions are sending the same message to your customers. This is what it means to be "on-brand". If your chocolate bars are sold as very high-end with the best imported Belgian chocolate and the best foil packaging, and the best spokesperson-and then you send out fliers that you made on your word processor with Comic Sans font and clip art, then that hurts your brand.

So now that we know what a brand is, let's take a look at how you rebrand your business.

The Rebranding Process

Savvy companies know that successful rebranding involves doing a lot of research into their target markets and target audiences. They want to take the time to make sure that the customer experience they're trying to convey is felt at all levels of the funnel.

Marketing materials, types of packaging materials, logo design, business cards-all of these things should be in line with the brand representation that you as a company are trying to get across with your rebrand. You can even have custom gift wrapping paper printed with your logo on to ensure consistency in your packaging.

You have a message that you want to convey, whether it's "posh and sophisticated" or "playful and fun" or "environmentally friendly" or "serious and erudite." You want to make sure that your design process follows that brand identity so that your product or service will match the brand message you're trying to convey.

Or, on the other hand, you want to make sure that your brand message matches the product or service you're trying to sell.

For example, when it comes to a type of confection sold in a cardboard box, the brand image of that cardboard box could be anything from pink and white polka dots showing off your playful side, to a black box tied up in gold ribbon showing this is a high-end product for a high-end customer.

On the other hand, if you know you're going to be making silly cookies with whimsical swirls of color and pictures of elephants and pigs, you're going to seek out packaging that suits that style of confection.

So the brand message can influence the product, or the product can influence the brand message. What you need to do is decide what is more important to you.

Packaging Rebrands

Packaging is one of the things that comes most to mind when it comes time to rebrand. If you've got good distribution and your product is on the shelves at stores, then the look of the packaging is going to be 95% of what influences a purchase decision.

If the customer has heard of your brand, that influences it too, but so much of whether someone makes a buying decision comes down to how your package looks on the shelf. This is why it's so important to make sure that you have the right packaging for your product.

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