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The Psychology of Packaging: How it Affects Consumer Behaviour

The Psychology of Packaging: How it Affects Consumer Behaviour - PackQueen

In this edition of our business-to-business blog, we delve into the fascinating world of packaging psychology. Join us as we uncover the subconscious effects of packaging on consumer behavior, providing valuable insights for your branding and marketing efforts.

Although it might not have been a conscious decision, you’ll have previously bought one product over another simply because it “looked better” on the shelf.


Well, unbeknownst to most of the population, packaging has an incredible influence on consumer behaviour. It can even draw our attention to a product we weren’t previously interested in, persuading us to make a purchase that wasn’t pre-meditated.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself about the Psychology of Packaging

By understanding the psychology of packaging, then, you can unlock an incredible competitive advantage as a business.

Through careful consideration of the design elements available to you and the different types of packaging, you can increase your sales significantly.

1. What Role Does Packaging Play in Branding?

Packaging gives you an opportunity to tie your product in with your corporate image, using the appropriate colour schemes and tone of voice to make everything cohesive.

This means that customers who are already loyal to your brand will be tempted to try your entire portfolio, trusting that you’ll deliver the quality they’ve come to know and love.

2. Can Packaging Influence Customer Loyalty?

By creating packaging that evokes an emotional response within your customer, you significantly increase someone’s likelihood of purchasing with you again.

Rather than seeing you as a nameless, faceless brand that they have no interest in, your packaging can engage them in your story and make them feel like they have a stake in your success.

“Emotional connection creates preference over the competition. Customers don’t just come back out of convenience. They see a difference between doing business with your company and other companies.” - Zheco Dobrev, Forbes

3. What Emotions Can Packaging Design Elements Evoke in Customers?

Have you ever chuckled at the witty commentary on the label of an Innocent Smoothie? We have.

Humour is just one emotion that a brand can stimulate through product packaging. You can also:

  1. Inspire awe and amazement.
  2. Make a customer feel FOMO.
  3. Shock them into immediate action.

For extra effect, packaging can also be used to build trust and understanding between you and a potential customer.

4. How Does the Appearance of Packaging Influence Consumer Perception?

When a store has multiple substitute goods, a customer is going to naturally lean toward the packaging that looks the most appealing.

A nice visual suggests that the contents are going to be higher in quality than the alternatives available, even though this might not necessarily be the case.

See, consumers assume that anything that “looks good” will be good - often letting the psychology of packaging get the better of them.

5. Is Eco-friendly Packaging a Factor in Consumer Behavior?

Other elements of product packaging, like the material, size, and shape of the box you choose, can all affect a purchasing decision.

Interestingly, as of January 2023, 81% of consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging over other alternatives on the shelf - making sustainability an important part of any brand’s marketing strategy. It seems this number is going to continue to grow, having a large impact on consumer behaviour in the years to come.

6. How Does the Psychology of Packaging Affect Consumer Behavior?

When looking to purchase a product, consumers have to use the tools available to them.

They might research reviews, compare prices, and be loyal to a particular brand but, ultimately, they’ll rely on the packaging of a product to tell them…

  1. What the product is.
  2. Whether the product is right for them.
  3. Why they should buy the product.

The answers they find will influence their purchasing decision.

Imagine you are buying headphones, for example. There are a few well-known brands (like Sony, Beats, and Apple) – but you need a pair with Active Noise Cancelling.

To identify which headphones would be suitable for your needs, you’ll take your time to compare the packaging of each product, read the USPs, and choose the one that seems the best.

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When it comes to your own business, then, it’s clear that the psychology of your packaging will be a really great asset.

By investing in custom print that aligns with your brand, you’ll be able to invoke an emotional response in your consumers and uplevel your marketing strategy considerably.

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