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The List : Packaging Materials

The List : Packaging Materials - PackQueen

Get ready to enhance your packaging game with our comprehensive list of packaging materials. From traditional options to eco-friendly alternatives, our business-to-business blog will guide you through the various materials available, helping you choose the perfect fit for your products.

No idea where to start when it comes to packaging?

We can help with some packaging ideas that will make the choice easier.

Purpose of Packaging

Firstly, work out what you want your packaging to do… Do you need to display your products in a retail space? Do you need to post your products to clients? Do you want to add a luxury look to your product? Do you want to make your product easy to handle or carry?

The use of the packaging will help to narrow down the thousands of cool packaging options available.

Postage or presentation?

Firstly, do your need your packaging for postage or presentation? …or both?

PackQueen have a huge range of boxes to suit both needs. For postage we recommend our corrugated cardboard boxes available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Their construction and folding design gives them the durability and strength to hold up to the rigors of transport.

If you need packaging for presentation our range of paperboard products is for you! With stunning looks and lightweight construction, the box is as beautiful as the product inside!

For products displayed in a retail space having a clear window in your packaging can help to sell your product by letting your customers see what's inside. There is also the double benefit of the packaging adding to the overall look of the store or market stall, you can brand your packaging to enhance the overall experience for the customer.

Make it your own

Personalise your packaging with your branding.

Customized packaging can be very expensive, but there are some easy ways to make PackQueen's unbranded packaging your own! The important thing is to keep your branding consistent and make sure the customer always gets the same message from you.

Use stickers or stamps on the outside of the box. PackQueen's range of Avery Product labels is a perfect way to design and print your own custom branded stickers.

Another unique way to brand your product is a custom made stamp, they are an inexpensive and simple way to get your brand seen. A quick google search will bring up businesses near you that can create these!

What's on the inside?

Go the extra mile and make every order a gift for your customer.

Wouldn't you love to feel like you've received a present every time you bought something (especially if you bought it for yourself!). Go the extra mile and wrap your product in tissue, sealed with a sticker. Not only does it look great, but it will also help protect your product as well.

Make sure it's secure

There is nothing worse that receiving a package with broken or damaged contents. Its best to make sure that fragile products, like glass bottles or any other breakables, are well protected. There are heaps of protective options available, think bubble wrap, shredded kraft paper and tissue paper to help make sure that your product arrives in one piece.

Let PackQueen help you find the perfect packaging for your products.

Email us at with the dimensions of your product/s and purpose of your packaging and we will get back to you with suggestions to help!

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