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The End of Plastic?

The End of Plastic? - PackQueen

Join us in our business-to-business blog as we discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise with the shift towards a plastic-free future. Find out how your business can adapt to this growing movement and embrace sustainable alternatives.

Over the recent years, we have all come to realise the detrimental effects plastic has on our environment which is why consumer groups and a great number of businesses have decided to cut down on plastic and turn to more sustainable options for their packaging even without a directive from the government. Feeling the spike in the trend, more and more paper companies in Australia and other parts of the world are gearing up to meet the demand for more sustainable packaging alternatives.

One area where this change is more evident in is the food service field where more eateries and food trucks alike are moving towards more eco-friendly food packaging options.

Take for example the use of paper bags for sandwiches, catering trays made with paperboard or cardboard for larger food items as well as sweets like chocolates and other dessert treats. More and more businesses in the food sector are using paper products to package their goods.

That's not to say that plastic is done and dead in the water. Some food packaging manufacturers are also using a bit of plastic in their products but they are PET plastic - easily recyclable or even reusable. Taking the cue from their paper counterparts, some plastic manufacturers have also made the move to create recyclable and compostable products.

The good news for paperboard and cardboard aficionados is that more and more products are available to choose from. With the demand for more paper-made food packaging choices, consumers and business owners alike can expect better prices, more variety and more creative solutions in a bid to make the world we live in healthier, better and safer.

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