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The Benefits of Eco Friendly Packaging

The Benefits of Eco Friendly Packaging - PackQueen

Discover the advantages of eco-friendly packaging in our business-to-business blog. From increased customer loyalty to reducing waste, we explore how sustainable packaging can help your business thrive.

We all know just how important it is to look after our planet... we only have one after all! Every little bit of eco-friendliness can help, and making the right choices with your packaging can make a difference to both the environment and your bottom line.

We have some hints and tips to help you minimize the impact of your packaging on the environment.


The easiest way to eco friendly packaging is to simply reduce the amount of packaging that you use on your products to begin with!

Some products are fragile and need protection in transit - nobody wants to receive broken or damaged items - however, just be mindful to use the smallest amount of bubble wrap, packing peanuts etc. that you can... This will save you money in the long term as well.


Design your packaging with another use in mind once it has done it's initial job of selling your product.

Think: Postage boxes can become storage boxes or Gift boxes that can be used again by the customer.

It can take some creativity, but the extra work is worth it... And every time someone re-uses your environmentally friendly packaging it gives them a reminder of the products that came with it, so it could mean more sales for you down the track!


Unfortunately packaging is one of the biggest contributors to landfill, so it's important to recycle whatever we can, but also to educate our consumers of the importance of recycling your packaging once they are finished with it.

Paper and Cardboard can easily be thrown in the household recycle bin instead of the general rubbish bin, meaning it no longer goes to landfill and that it can be recycled to create more products rather than using energy to cut down trees!

Look for sustainable packaging options

Source paper and cardboard products that are manufactured from PEFC certified sustainable forests as they ensure that the timber is managed well and the forests are renewed.

Let PackQueen help you with eco friendly packaging solutions... Email us at with the dimensions of your product/s and purpose of your packaging and we will get back to you with suggestions to help!


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