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Sweeter Than Chocolates

Sweeter Than Chocolates - PackQueen

Delight your customers with sweet treats that go beyond chocolates. In our business-to-business blog, we reveal how you can entice your audience with unique and delectable options, perfect for any occasion.

What could be sweeter than chocolates? Lovingly and carefully packaged chocolates, that is!

Chocolates are savoury and pleasing by themselves but if you really want to sweeten the moment, you better use some of PackQueen's delightful chocolate boxes in white and brown. Whether it's for your corporate giveaways or tokens for your loved ones and friends or souvenirs for occasions, you can be sure we have just the chocolate box for you!

We have hundreds of options available whether you're looking for boxes for two, four or more pieces of confectionary. We also have boxes with removable inserts so you can maneuver your treats to your liking. We have clear boxes made with plastic, cardboard with clear plastic lids or cardboard slide-over covers. The choices are endless!

Our chocolate boxes in white and brown are made from high quality paperboard material that's guaranteed to keep your confectionary delights safe during transport. Wholesale pricing is also available just in case you have a lot of delicacies to send out. The more you buy, the more money you save! To check out our pricing tier, click on a box that catches your fancy and on the right-hand side, you'll see the breakdown.

Unsure of what to purchase? Order a sample and take a look at the box up close. These chocolate boxes in white and brown are shipped flat but you need not worry, we have a folding guide for you here.



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