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Stunning Packaging Designs using PackQueen Gift boxes

Stunning Packaging Designs using PackQueen Gift boxes - PackQueen

Packaging is like a way of life. We encounter it on a daily basis. Having an eye-catching packaging design is a real challenge, especially with different trends for this new era. Also, if you are a business owner, great packaging adds an edge to your products that makes it stand out from the rest.

It is proven that packaging design matters. Not only for businesses but also for gift giving purposes. If you’re on a budget, you can also prepare for a DIY project to make your gift stand out with your creative skills with a personal touch.

To give you an idea of what our customers are doing with the hampers, postage boxes, and gift boxes purchased from us, here are a few creative box designs. Some boxes are DIY.

We at PackQueen have hundreds of different boxes to offer to help with your packaging needs. With so many products out there, packaging design is as important as ever. We love it when we can PACK. So we have gathered a few different creative designs from our customers showcasing the PackQueen boxes they used to pack their products.

1. Postage boxes

(image credit: Noc Noc Wooden toys, Delicious Skin, Red Tractor Designs, Garden Sparkle, Fearless Photography, Ecology Skincare, Little Lettie boxes)

2. Gift boxes and Hampers

(image credit for gift boxes: Soap Club, Purity Candles, Karmic Star)

(image credit for Hampers: Batlow Bees n Berries, Lala Land Hampers, Kirstie Mackenzie The Beauty Bus, Todd Smith From Another Planet)

3. Chocolate boxes with clear lid, Macaroon boxes, Cupcake boxes, Sweets box

(image credit for chocolate boxes: Bakedown Cakery, Beve with Compassion and Soul, Devour, Hey There Sugar, Chocolate Chilli Mango, Sucre chocolates)

(image credit for macaroon boxes: Bite Size treats, Bella sweets, Heavenly biscuits by Adriana, Love Lauren, Cake Inc)

4. Infinity, Party and Pillow boxes

Image credit: Barrecode, Bondi Wash, Coco & Violet, Dermodynamics, Gemmcraft

5. Kraft Black boxes

Image credit: Barrecode, Bondi Wash, Coco & Violet, Dermodynamics, Gemmcraft

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