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Speed up Your Dispatch Time

Speed up Your Dispatch Time - PackQueen

With the holidays and peak season for businesses everywhere just around the corner, it's important to be able to manage your dispatch times to keep up with customers' expectations and maintain sensible delivery dates.

It's important to make little changes that can help improve the workflow and cut down on unnecessary tasks. Here are some tips you can consider implementing to speed up your dispatch time:

1. Stock Up

Nothing holds up a business more than back-ordered items, even when it comes to packaging supplies and other things that are needed behind the scenes. It takes some foresight to plan things out but if you want things to flow smoothly from order processing, dispatch, shipping and delivery, it's essential to ensure that you have enough stocks.

2. Go Old School

For smaller companies that use good old human elbow grease, think about creating an assembly line for packaging orders, writing thank-you notes and boxing things up. An assembly line is also another good way to check the quality of orders and everyone else's work as you move down the line. The next person can go over the last person's job and so on, to make sure that quality is always top notch.

To help keep your packing system running smoothly and organised, consider getting some of PACKQUEEN's pick bin and storage boxes to help keep your products and packaging paraphernalia in order. Things are guaranteed to run more smoothly as soon as you have a working system in using these PACKQUEEN products.

3. Get Organised

Let's face it: If you don't know where to find things, how can you get things done? It's not even about feng shui or being persnickety but it's all about being able to conduct your business and run things in an orderly fashion.

PACKQUEEN's pick bin and storage boxes help in keeping things organised as well and the beauty about them is, you don't have to unload things and stow the boxes away. You can keep your stuff in the boxes for storage and packaging all the same. Our pick bin and storage boxes are stackable as well so you won't have to worry about crowding your space.

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