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Product Spotlight - Pick Bin Boxes

Product Spotlight - Pick Bin Boxes - PackQueen

Is there a method to your madness or madness in your method? Whatever the answer is, you're bound to agree that it's always important to know where everything is so you can easily find them when needed. A showroom where everything is easily accessible and well-organised is one the best ways to make a good impression on customers. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos of your home, showroom or workspace, you can be sure PackQueen has the storage and organisation solution for you.

Our storage pick bin boxes are made from corrugated cardboard so you can be sure they're heavy duty, able to carry a high volume of products while also being presentable especially when lined up together, one after the other. They also have the added functionality of being stackable so you can arrange them either horizontally or vertically, depending on the space that you have available.

These boxes can be used in many ways:

  • Lined up in shelves to help while you methodically pick and pack items for order fulfillment at your warehouse
  • Drawer organisation method in the home or office
  • Display options for products in the showroom or store
  • Storage and organisation in your or your kids' craft room or playroom, kitchen or garage
  • Craft, first aid or snack kits in the car
  • Closet, chest of drawers or wardrobe storage and organisation

With storage pick bin boxes, you're only limited by your imagination!

Speaking of imagination, you can make them snazzy thanks to our various print options available to you. At PackQueen, we are proud of our endless customisation options. Get in touch with our Custom Team to discuss your design requirements and to explore the choices you have in branding your pick bin boxes. We will be sure to produce a final concept that best represents your brand and fulfills your design vision to a T.

Tackle the mess and chaos, conquer mess with minimum stress and give everything in your home, workplace or showroom their pride of place with PackQueen's pick bin boxes!

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