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Product Spotlight - Noodle Boxes

Product Spotlight - Noodle Boxes - PackQueen

It's one of the most popular containers for takeout food but the use of noodle boxes has evolved in recent years. Long believed to have originated in China, the traditional noodle box was actually invented in Chicago in the US in 1894. It is said to have been inspired by Japanese origami and was originally called a "paper pail". The idea for the noodle box of old was that it can be unfolded to create a makeshift plate.

Aside from the fact that noodles have become a popular takeout food of choice especially recently, more and more people have been finding different uses for noodle boxes apart from simply being a food container.

With the introduction of vibrant colours and a variety of sizes, noodle boxes have become an alternative gift packaging option as well. It's the perfect size and shape to contain shirts, gloves, socks, scarves, and other clothing accessories. They can also be used as a box for lollies and other sweet treats.

Bakers also use noodle boxes as containers for their cookies, crinkles and other goodies. Not only are they roomy, but they are also easy to open and carry around and can be used to eat baked delicacies straight out of.

The appeal of noodle boxes as one-of-a-kind gift packaging options has also increased thanks to customization options like those offered by PackQueen. This enables you, our customers, to take a noodle box and make it your own by having your company name or logo printed on it.

If you haven't tried using noodle boxes other than to contain food items, maybe it's time to try. Explore how versatile it can be in your own home in aid of organizing foodstuff, accessories, art and crafts supplies and more. You can use it in your store or showroom as a display container for your products or packaging for sold items. It might just be an odd-shaped box but with a noodle box, you can do so much more!

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