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Product Spotlight - Multi Crease Boxes

Product Spotlight - Multi Crease Boxes - PackQueen

Packing things and shipping them out have never been this easy with multiple sized boxes available as well!

Whether you need to mail a lot of important things or you need your products shipped somewhere else, it's always good to know that there's a place you can go, a company you can turn to for all your packaging needs. There's also the intimidating aspect of assembling your own packaging. Don't sweat it. PackQueen has multi-crease boxes in every size and the accompanying assembly readily available to you.

Multi-crease boxes are available in A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 sizes to accommodate all of your packaging needs. These boxes not only protect your products or whatever it is you're shipping during transport but it also provides a professional-looking packaging. These boxes are shipped to you flat but you need not worry! The creases are marked so assembling them is easy and they can easily be sealed with a little bit of tape.

These multi-crease boxes are available in kraft brown sturdy corrugated cardboard.

Print options are also available to customise your boxes and add a personalised touch. If you want to explore what is available for you and your business, contact our team straightaway.

For step-by-step folding instructions, visit this link.


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