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Product Spotlight - Express Post Boxes

Product Spotlight - Express Post Boxes - PackQueen

Say goodbye generic boxes that fall apart on you and does nothing to help your brand. Get your postage supplies streamlined and custom made for your company at very affordable prices.

Made from heavy duty cardboard, our express post boxes come in many sizes and two colours - kraft brown and white. We have carton type express post boxes and self-locking ones too and although they're all packed and shipped out flat, assembling them takes no more than mere seconds. Now you can pack and ship out your products in professional-looking packaging that leaves a good impression for you and your company.

Take the custom look and feel to another level by getting your company logo or artwork printed onto the boxes. Send your design concept to us and we'll take care of it for you. Wholesale pricing is also available in case you need express post boxes in bulk. Check out our prices and buy all the express post boxes you need today!

Express post boxes

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