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Product Spotlight - Custom Printed Postage Boxes

Product Spotlight - Custom Printed Postage Boxes - PackQueen

Sending things out through the post can be tricky. Most postage boxes are spartan by comparison, kind of no-nonsense. They're usually made with heavy-duty cardboard to be able to take the rigours of shipping and handling. But what if you're shipping out items to customers and loved ones? What if you want your boxes to stand out and set you apart?

PackQueen has postage boxes in every size and every premium colour available. We also have self-locking postage boxes so you can be sure they will not only keep their shape; their contents will also not spill out.

What really sets our postage boxes apart is the option to fully customise your postage boxes. Explore the print options available to you when purchasing your postage boxes from us. If you don't have a complicated printing job, you can choose flexo printing. If your logo includes lines, you can choose screen printing. If money is no object and you want high-quality prints on your postage boxes, you can opt for off-set printing.

If you're unsure how to go about it, you can get in touch with our Custom Team. If you're not sure about the best option for you to go with, reach out to our well-trained team today. We'll be more than happy to answer your queries.

Whatever your requirement is, so long as you need custom-printed postage boxes, you can be sure PackQueen will deliver!

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