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PACKQUEEN'S TOP 10: hamper tips

PACKQUEEN'S TOP 10: hamper tips - PackQueen
Calling all book lovers and bookshop owners! In this edition of our business-to-business blog, our spotlight is on book boxes. From protecting precious literary treasures to adding a touch of elegance to your bookshop's packaging, we'll explore a range of book box designs and materials that stand out above the rest. Discover how book boxes can not only protect your books but also enhance your customers' overall experience and leave a lasting impression.

e-books to make packaging easier

PackQueen has recently come up with these great e-books to help make packaging easy for you. Each week or so, we will be releasing an e-book tailored to specific industries with tips and tricks on things such as tying the perfect ribbons, packaging delicate items and guides on packaging design. This week's e-book is PackQueen's TOP 10 guide to designing the perfect hamper. If you're in the hamper industry, or considered making hampers for your family this Christmas, then this guide is sure to help you out.


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