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Pack em Up With a Little Bit of Lovin'

Pack em Up With a Little Bit of Lovin' - PackQueen
Impress your customers with packaging that shows just how much you care. In this blog post, we will share creative ideas and techniques on how to add a little bit of love to your packaging. From personalized notes to thoughtful details, get ready to pack your products with warmth and make a heartfelt connection with your customers.

Nothing says you care better than a well-packaged parcel and we come bearing packaging options!

Take customer service to a whole new level by showing customers you care for their purchases and add a little bit of lovin' to the parcels you send out to loved ones all by using one (or more!) of PACKQUEEN's multi-crease mailers and boxes!

Say goodbye to folding and cutting wrong-sized boxes or envelopes to accommodate various items. Whatever it is you're sending out, you can be sure we have just the right size for you. We have self-sealing multi-crease mailers in A5 (210mm x 150mm x 0mm) in various colours. We also have boxes sold in sets of 5 in different heights.

Our multi-crease mailers and boxes are available at wholesale pricing which gets you more savings the more you purchase. Order a sample to find out which kind, size and colour goes well with your aesthetic. Print options are also available. If you want to explore what we may have in store for you in terms of prints, get in touch with us!



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