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Making Your Custom Box - A PACKQUEEN Guide

Making Your Custom Box - A PACKQUEEN Guide - PackQueen
Making your custom box - a Packqueen guide

Marketing and branding is a breeze when you have your very own custom boxes. Whether you're sending parcels to your customers or loved ones, custom boxes elevates any container from a regular one to an extra special package.

Customising is not only easy but can also be fun. How does one go about it, you ask? Here goes:

Step 1: Choose your size

It's important to get the measurements right. When you're looking for a custom box, make sure to get the dimensions for your items just right. Find a supplier that allows you to order samples so you can check if your items really do fit in the box perfectly so you can buy in bulk without regrets.

Step 2: Get the print

A partner that has a variety of print options available is key so you can find out which one best you're your needs. Foil, screen, flexo, offset - whatever you need - you need to be able to see which one best represents your brand!

Step 3: Put a label on it

Don't want to put anything permanent on your boxes? That's fine. You can get customisable stickers and ribbons you can use instead to label your boxes instead.

Step 4: Make it cosy

Have items in your box that needs extra protection? Elevate your brand by getting customised tissue paper to fill your boxes and wrap your items with.

Customising is one way to further market your brand and get the word out there about your business but it doesn't have to be a hit or miss thing. With the above steps, you're guaranteed to easily come up with a customised box design matches your brand aesthetic and company mission.

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