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Keep it Simple with Kraft

Keep it Simple with Kraft - PackQueen

There are tons of ways how we want to present our products in their packaging. Most businesses aim for striking packaging and when we say striking, it means that premium packaging with a glossy or matt finish, or sometimes textured with an intricate print design that seems magical when you open it because it just looks so expensive.

As much as the attraction is strong for this type of packaging as it makes customers feel like they're getting the most of what they pay for, this is sometimes unnecessary or uneconomical. Especially these days, sustainability is more than just a good trait for commerce. It is more of a responsibility that consumers value greatly.

Talking about the beauty of simplicity, Kraft paper is not lacking anything. We can assume that Kraft Paper is the foundation of today's packaging however, it is becoming a mere starting line; the first step necessary to making something businesses believe is more desirable.

During the process of assisting with packaging needs from across countries, PackQueen has observed that an approximate ratio of only 3 from every 10 packaging enquiries looks for Kraft packaging. So before we completely forget how great it is to have this option around the corner, here are some tips and advantages of Kraft packaging.

Defining Kraft Paper

The name Kraft was derived from the process called Kraft pulping process during the 1880s in Germany. This process initially involves pulping the woods to create paper. Later on, it was discovered that treating the cellulose pulp with sulfate adds strength to the outcome. This is when the paper is then called Kraft paper or Strong paper.

Kraft Paper in Packaging

Corrugated Kraft Box

Corrugated Boards are made from multiple Kraft Papers/ Sheets layered to create a more durable board sheet. Corrugated Kraft Brown boxes are sturdy enough to be posted and shipped and have a natural uncoated finish.

While most of us think that Kraft refers to anything that has this certain Brown colour and woody appearance, Kraft boards can be in White or Black too.

  • Virgin Natural Kraft Paper - has a natural Brown Colour
  • Recycled Kraft Paper - this has more of the faded Brown/ Grayish Brown colour
  • Black Kraft Paper
  • Bleached Kraft Paper - has a white colour that creates that beautiful canvas good for printing

While there are other colours that can be achieved, they are the product of more processing including printing and laminating the Corrugated Kraft Sheets to achieve other colours and different finishes and they are not natural Kraft boards anymore. Also, these additional processes take away some of the eco-friendly Traits of the Kraft board.

Paperboard Boxes

While it has less strength than corrugated ones, Kraft Paperboard Boxes are also sturdy enough to package products for display and retail purposes. Cereal boxes, Chocolate boxes, cake boxes, and many other Box packagings we see on our local grocery stores would most likely be paperboard boxes.

Kraft Wrapper /Fillers and Bags

Not everyone might find boxes suitable for their needs. While other would also need boxes, they want something extra. Several businesses in different commerce choose paper bags as their retail packaging including clothing brands and foodservice companies in different continents

Let's also not forget how helpful and aesthetic Kraft Paper fillers are for subscription boxes and the simplicity of Wrapped products.

Advantages of Kraft Packaging

When it comes to Kraft Packaging anyone can most likely appreciate the simple yet appealing vibe it gives off. Simply wrap it and finish off with a Brown Twine, artworks, clothing, and anything goes would surely look great in this packaging. But there is more to Kraft Packaging than looks:

  • Eco Friendly - Kraft Packaging are usually uncoated finish. There is no lamination (thin Plastic Film) on the packaging which makes it naturally biodegradable. It requires less energy to be recycled.
  • Compostable - While most packaging can still be recyclable including plastic boxes, uncoated Kraft packaging are compostable and recyclable at the same time due to its all-natural content.
  • Economical - Between a corrugated and paperboard, paperboard is naturally cheaper as it requires less process than corrugated boards but in general, Kraft Paper packaging is less expensive than other materials such as Plastic and Tin Cans.
  • Versatile - Kraft packaging comes in many forms including the above-mentioned. Other than that each variant has its own innovations when it comes to sizes, appearance, and design.

Whether you are just starting or have been in the field for a while packaging is something commerce is constantly concerned about. Either you want to change an existing packaging or you are thinking of launching a new product line or special edition merchandise for your business maybe it is time for you to consider a better option that is highly sustainable. Got questions? Talk to us and we will help you find your perfect packaging.

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