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Industry Spotlight - Handmade Gifts

Industry Spotlight - Handmade Gifts - PackQueen

Handmade gifts are treasured for their personal touch and authenticity. In this industry spotlight blog post, we will shine a light on the packaging considerations for handmade gifts. From incorporating sustainable materials to reflecting the craftsmanship in the packaging design, get ready to discover how packaging can enhance the overall experience of handmade gifts and delight recipients.

In recent years, those who are craftier and more creative of us have been using their artistic capabilities in creating one-of-a-kind gift items for their friends and loved ones. Some do it to save money while some prefer to create their own gifts in a bid to end - or at least minimize - consumerism. However, for some of us, handmade gifts are just more meaningful, heartfelt and precious.

One thing a gift maker cannot scrimp on, though, is packaging. No matter what the gift item is made out of, it will still have to be wrapped beautifully and handed over with extra care. The packaging theme you choose can also set the tone for the handmade giftyou're giving away.

If you're selling handmade gift items, presentation is key. You can use your packaging as another means of marketing your products, to generate interest and promote your brand. Packaging can also be a clever way of conveying your company values. For example, kraft brown boxes can be used to contain products that are made with eco-friendly ingredients. Acid-free tissue paper along with some ribbons can be used to wrap a handmade quilt or sweater or pair of gloves to give the recipient the chance to enjoy the softness of the present waiting for them.

A gift box is always a safe way to keep gift items, especially handmade ones, safe from damage and accidental breakage. Handmade gifts like candles, sculptures, figurines and other delicate items like mugs, cups and more can definitely use a sturdy box.

Handmade clay pins, smaller items like pieces of jewellery and others can be packaged in pillow boxes for a different, slightly quirky gift-wrapping option.

Kraft brown wrapping paper, some twine or kraft brown gift tags are perfect for an urban contemporary gift-wrapping theme.

Whatever your handmade gifts are made of or whoever they're for, you can elevate how they look or feel simply by using quality gift-wrapping supplies. You want to make sure your present is properly received especially if you will be sending it through the post so a sturdy gift box and careful wrapping can go a long way. 

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