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How to Wrap a Wine Bottle: Wine Boxes & Wine Wrapping for Gifting

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle: Wine Boxes & Wine Wrapping for Gifting - PackQueen
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Wine makes for a timeless and sophisticated gift, but wrapping a wine bottle can be a challenge. In this blog post, we will guide you through the art of wrapping a wine bottle with finesse. From using wine boxes to creatively wrapping the bottle with complementary materials, get ready to take your wine gifting to the next level and impress recipients with beautifully wrapped bottles.

Gifting wine is a fun thing to do, and is acceptable in most situations. Since there are so many different types of wine, it is always called for, almost regardless of the occasion. And while showing up with a bottle in hand is one thing, gift wrapping the wine bottle is a classier move.

Carrying a bottle of wine (without wrapping) into the party looks like you grabbed it on your way and picked out only what was available. On the other hand, gift wrapping the wine bottle gives it a more distinct presence, and firmly establishes it as a gift, as opposed to a beverage. But how do you wrap a wine bottle as a gift? Is there a special trick to it?

To be clear, there is no special trick or "only way" to gift wrap a bottle of wine. However, there are common ways that might suit your needs better than others. For instance, transporting the bottle in your luggage for a long distance calls for different packing than transporting the bottle in an Uber.

Whatever your purpose for gifting a wine bottle, we have you covered when it comes to making it presentable.

Gift Bag or Box?

Are you giving one bottle or two? Are you including other items, and maybe looking to conceal it all together in a wine bag with tissue paper? Or perhaps you are thinking a box might serve your needs better since you are wanting to give a collection of wine bottles.

The reality is that there are all sorts of options for how to gift wrap multiple bottles of wine or just one. Much of this choice depends on personal opinion. Unless you are certain you need the sturdiness of a box, which is often the case when it comes to gift wrapping a wine bottle.

A wine box is a smart play. From making sure the bottles you transport stay protected during a commute, or preventing the bottles from sliding around the car, a box gets the job done. And wine boxes also come in all sizes, so you can have each bottle individually packaged and protected.

Don't Forget the Details

Even if using a box (or a bag for that matter) you can still wrap a wine bottle with ribbon or wrapping paper. While the box is a surefire way to keep the bottle(s) sturdy and protected, the ribbon or wrapping paper are ways to give the bottle some flair.

A cardboard wine gift box looks nice and clean, but a birthday ribbon can give it an additional touch of class and whimsy. The same goes with wrapping paper; instead of gift wrapping the wine bottle with wrapping paper, consider wrapping the wine box. This can spruce up the gift, but can also add an element of mystery to the gift, which is always fun.

What About Gift Baskets?

As mentioned, sometimes a bottle of wine is a perfect addition to a larger gift. If this gift is an assortment of sorts, then a basket might be the ideal delivery method. You can still add a dash of color and an element of excitement to the basket by wrapping the wine bottle with a ribbon. Just make sure to tie the ribbon neatly.

However, if you are considering wrapping a bottle of wine in cellophane, you should be aware that the gift won't have the same classy look. That is not to say that cellophane doesn't have its purpose when gift wrapping wine bottles.

For example, wrapping the bottle in cellophane can protect the wine label from scratches, and can also make sure that no wine leaks out if the bottle is opened. However, wrapping the wine bottle with wrapping paper or ribbon over the cellophane can help you maintain that classy edge.

Plenty of Options

Just as there are all sorts of different styles of wine, there are many different ways that you can gift wrap a wine bottle. From single wine boxes to six-pack wine boxes, there is a size that's right for you. Similarly, if a box isn't your thing, individual wine bags or good old-fashioned ribbons are a way to have fun with gift-wrapping bottles of wine.

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