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How to Package a Product for Retail

How to Package a Product for Retail - PackQueen

When your products go into a retail environment, it's important that their packaging conforms to certain criteria. These are concerned with the safe and efficient storage and transport of the products as well as maximising the sales potential. So it's crucial that the packaging is well designed and manufactured so it meets all criteria and you need to go through a strict process to achieve this.

Determining Packaging Requirements

Since one of the major purposes of packaging is to protect the product, you will need to know what you're protecting against. All products go on a journey to get to the retailer and that journey may be long and arduous. The packages may undergo a lot of manual and automated handling and so need to be robust enough to withstand knocks, drops, and crushing. You have to ensure that your products reach their destination safely since the replacement of damaged products can be a frustrating and costly business.

Consult with retailers and distribution companies to determine their requirements for storage and transportation of cardboard boxes and other packaging types. Packaging of a particular size and shape will make transport and storage most efficient so take into account palletisation, handling methods, and shelf sizes. Also determine temperature and humidity conditions, possible physical damage, and the means of extending shelf life. Bear in mind that companies are constantly striving for increased efficiency and may change their methods so check for particular alterations.

Aside from protection, the packaging provides a presentation for your product and you need to make the best of that to maximise sales. To do this, first, identify your target market and determine the demographics of potential customers, their reasons for buying your product, how they are influenced and what their buying habits are.

Your immediate customer may be a distributor or a retailer so you will need to establish their requirements in terms of storage and transportation. For retailers, the way the product is displayed on shelves is particularly important because you want to ensure that it is promoted to the best effect and is differentiated from rival products.

Design your packaging in such a way that the panel facing outwards gives comprehensive information on the contents so that potential customers can see what they're buying. The product branding, including logos, needs to be prominently displayed and recognisable. Also, make it as simple as possible for retailers to replenish their shelves and provide packaging that can be easily disposed of and recycled after use.

Obtaining Suitable Packaging Reliably

Packaging is such an important part of the supply of your product that you cannot take risks with its acquisition. You need to establish a long-term relationship with a packaging supplier and so need to choose one that is established, financially stable, that operates professionally, and is completely reliable in terms of quality and continuity of supply.

Like most companies, you probably don't have space or the finances to hold large stocks of packaging and so rely on your suppliers to provide it quickly when needed and in just the right quantities. At the same time, you can't afford a gap in supplies because that will disrupt your production and distribution operation and ultimately hit your profits.

At PackQueen, we can provide all the advice and guidance you need to create packaging that's entirely suitable for you. We have a wide range of products in a variety of materials and can produce completely customised packaging to meet your unique needs.

We'll provide packaging that is robust, attractive, recyclable, promotes your brand, and generally helps you to grow your business. And we'll do it in a consistently reliable manner so we never let you down.

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