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How to Package a Product for Market

How to Package a Product for Market - PackQueen

Your product is ready for the market, but have you considered how you'll package it to grab customers' attention? Packaging plays a vital role in marketing and can make all the difference in attracting consumers in a competitive marketplace. In this blog post, we will share tips and strategies on how to package a product for market success. From understanding your target audience to designing packaging that communicates value, get ready to package your product in a way that resonates with your customers and drives sales.

As society changes, the demand for products and the ways they are delivered are also altering. The Coronavirus pandemic has boosted online sales with a consequent increase in deliveries. And as the population continues to age, the demands of its elderly members include packaging that is simple to open and labels that are easy to read.

The means of getting products to market are changing constantly, with more remote deliveries that require extensive transport and handling. Packaging has to adapt to these changes so that goods get to market safely, cost-effectively, and reliably.

Varying Packaging Demands

The various methods of supplying goods to the market put different demands on the packaging. Goods that are delivered remotely to individual customers need to be:

  • securely packaged so that they arrive undamaged; problems can be caused by rough handling, extreme temperatures, moisture, and many other factors that can harm the product
  • identified by effective branding and product descriptions on the packaging
  • in packaging that is easy to open by the recipient
  • packaged in suitably sized and shaped containers that can be stored and transported cost-effectively.

Products that are destined for retailers need to be provided in shelf-ready packaging' that will improve on-shelf availability, speed up replenishment, reduce waste and increase stock rotation. The initial aim is to protect products as they progress through the supply chain so they arrive in perfect condition.

To increase efficiency and conform to shelf-ready requirements, packaging must:

  • enable products to be identified throughout the supply chain, with prominently displayed GSI specifications and barcodes on sturdy packaging
  • be able to be opened easily so that products can be on the shelves quickly after receipt so they are instantly saleable
  • allow rapid replenishment of shelves through stable packaging that can be transferred quickly with all necessary details displayed
  • be of a size and shape to make the best use of shelf space
  • be attractive to potential customers and enable them to easily access the product; the appearance of the packaging is often a big influence on buying decisions.

Secure as well as Attractive

With environmental issues being ever more prominent, packaging should not be excessive but must be sufficient to protect the product. It should, where possible, have the correct logos for recycling and be easy to dispose of, with cardboard and plastic being easily separated for effective disposal.

The main characteristic of any packaging is that it is robust enough to protect the product it contains, with internal packing when necessary to prevent products from moving in transit. Packaging should also be attractive so it appeals to customers and so needs to be properly branded with a consistency of style and colours.

Effective packaging is necessary for distributors and retailers but will also be important as part of the marketing effort for your products. Given the number of factors to be taken into consideration, getting the right packaging is not an easy task but is made much easier if you use the right supplier one that can support you through the design process and provide high-quality packaging that is reliably, consistently, and cost-effectively produced.

At PackQueen, we can provide all the help and advice you need to package your products correctly for the market. That will include the outer containers for storage and transport as well as inner packaging for retail display. We have a wide range of materials and styles of packaging so there's bound to be something that's perfect for you. Above all else, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction, so you make the best choice.

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