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How to Decide on Storage Boxes When Moving: A Guide

How to Decide on Storage Boxes When Moving: A Guide - PackQueen

Moving to a new space can be exciting, but the process of packing and organizing can be overwhelming. One critical aspect is choosing the right storage boxes to keep your belongings safe and organized during the move. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to decide on storage boxes when moving. From size considerations to material options, we've got you covered. Get ready to simplify your moving process and ensure that your items are secure and well-protected!

PackQueen has anything and everything you may need in terms of transporting and storing all of your belongings when moving. We also have other packing supplies you may need to make sure all of your personal possessions are kept safe during transport.

But first, sort it out! Empty out all of your closets, cabinets, larders, drawers and every other receptacle and sort through your belongings, segregating them into groups. Create piles of three: Keep, Donate and Destroy. Then you'll have an idea of how many storage boxes you'll need and their sizes as well.

Cardboard Boxes 

Clothes, beddings, other linens that are not packed into suitcases can be packed in some of these boxes as well as other household items like kitchen tools, room accessories and decorative pieces. To make unpacking easier, use one box for one room in the house or like items and label each carton properly.


    Pick Bin Boxes

    Use these to pack necessities in like toiletries, snacks, toys and even a change of clothes. Keep in mind that once you've arrived at the new place, you might not have enough time or energy to unpack, much less remember where everything is so having the essentials packed in easy-access boxes can come in handy.

    These boxes can also be used to transport office supplies and other stationeries in because they're deep enough. They're also perfect for kitchen utensils because they're easy to reach into.

    You can also pack electronics accessories in these bin boxes like cords, remotes and chargers to make them easy to locate and grab.

    Stackable and Catering Storage Trays

    These types of boxes are perfect for food items, baked goods and fruit because they're open so air can circulate, keeping them fresh for longer and ready to be plucked to be eaten. There's nothing worse than doing back-breaking work without snacking options.


    These trays can also be used for shoes, or at least those that are frequently used, along with clothing items, toys and other supplies at least until all the boxes can be unpacked. Books, magazines and office supplies can also be stored in these boxes because they can be easily unstacked and the contents rearranged onto shelves and desks.

    Book Boxes 

    Use these for precious mementos and other delicate keepsakes. Important documents can also be kept here so they're not lost in the confusion and mess of packing boxes and moving paraphernalia. If you collect vinyl records and don't want to pack some of your priced LPs in crates, you can pack them in our LP boxes too.


    To make sure your possessions are kept safe, PackQueen also has the following:

    Moving into a new home or office space is a milestone that should be welcomed with celebration and high hopes instead of stress and mess. Let PackQueen help you get everything sorted and organised, making any move breezy and potentially enjoyable.

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