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How Do You Wrap Jewellery for Gifts?

How Do You Wrap Jewellery for Gifts? - PackQueen



As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start brainstorming the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you're considering jewellery, you might be wondering how to present it in an elegant and thoughtful way. Well, fret not! In this blog post, we will delve into creative and stylish methods of wrapping jewellery for gifts that will enhance the surprise and delight of your recipients. Get ready to add a touch of sparkle to your holiday gifting!

Jewellery can be a truly memorable and personal gift from family or friends. But often, the packaging tells a big part of the story- the presentation of the jewellery is often just as important as the earrings or necklace hidden within. For example, a diamond engagement ring would feel a little strange if it was pulled out of a paper lunch sack. You want to create an experience and that starts with the presentation.

The most traditional way to wrap jewellery is in a box. PackQueen has an enormous variety of boxes that will fit necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. Don't ever believe that the traditional way of packaging jewellery is a bad option!

There is something deeply romantic about receiving a beautiful necklace in a velvet-lined case, or getting a ring in a classic ring box. Traditional can be thrilling, romantic, and swoonworthy. Understanding how to gift wrap a small jewellery box can be a master craft of its own.

But there are times in life where you want to think outside the traditional box and look for something that is a little more unique.

How to Gift Wrap a Necklace?

One of the most popular ways to wrap a necklace is to put it in an envelope. Not a standard, mailing envelope, but a beautifully-crafted envelope. These are typically small, about the size of a credit card or a little bigger, depending on the size of the pendant or stone that is in the necklace. Often, these envelopes are tied closed with a looped string, creating a special little carrying case for the jewellery.

This is ideal for something bought on holiday, as you can easily and securely carry this little package in a pocket or place it in a purse. The beauty of a necklace envelope is that it can be as ornate or as plain as you want. Some jewellery shops will use vibrant floral cardstock envelopes that look at once old fashioned and modern.

Other shops may use a plain brown envelope, but stamp it with the logo of the shop. An even classier establishment may put the necklace in the envelope and then seal it with wax and stamp it with the crest of the jeweller.

How to Gift Wrap a Bracelet or Larger Necklace?

What we've described above is wrapping a chain with a pendant, which is certainly beautiful, but what about a bulkier item, like a beaded necklace or bracelet? That can't be slipped as neatly into an envelope. So what do you do when you don't want to settle for merely putting it into a bag? The ideal package for this larger piece of jewellery is to put it in small jewellery boxes.

Jewellery gift box ideas don't have to be fancy if the situation doesn't call for fancy- this type of necklace could just as easily be bought from a shop in town or a shop on the beach. You can take your pick of boxes. Choose something colourful and bright if your product is full of whimsy, or you can pick something more serious and stately if the necklace or bracelet is more refined (and, frankly, more expensive).

How Do You Wrap Jewellery in Paper?

Small gifts of jewellery wrapped in paper are becoming increasingly popular. No matter the jewellery item, it can be placed in a pouch of paper, the sides brought up and tied with a string or ribbon. There is no end of creative gift wrapping ideas.

For something a little more wild, but which can be very fancy if done correctly, an origami package can be created. These small shapes take the form of nearly anything and unfold to reveal the jewellry inside.

These origami jewellery packages don't need to be hard for store clerks to handle. A well-made cardstock form that will fold up with minimal effort and even lock shut with a paper latch can easily be created.

Presenting a gift in a unique way, like hiding a piece of jewellery in an origami box, will make the experience of receiving the gift that much more memorable.

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