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Gift Wrapping Ideas: Easy, Creative and Fun

Gift Wrapping Ideas: Easy, Creative and Fun - PackQueen

Gift wrapping doesn't have to be a chore! Explore unique ideas that are simple, fun and creative. Learn techniques like using scrapbook paper, fabric, maps and more to make your packages stand out. Add special touches with paint, stickers, pinecones and other embellishments.Are you always stuck for interesting ways to gift wrap your products for your customers?

With a little creativity, the way the gift is wrapped can be just as memorable as the gift itself! PackQueen love wrapping presents and have had a little crafty fun and put together wrap ideas using our ever popular Slim Line C6 Gift Box as the star of the show. Add in some tissue paper to make opening the gift even sweeter! Take your gift wrapping to the next level with these cool themes that won't break the bank:


Sequins dress anything up! We found some sequin printed paper, but many variety or haberdashery stores will also sell sequin ribbon by the metre - Match it with some sleek black satin ribbon to class it up!

The more bling the better we say... and what is more bling than diamonds!! ...ok, so we actually used diamante appliques - easy to find in craft or office supply stores and they are adhesive backed so they just stick right on!


Use our recycled boxes with found objects to create a beautiful natural effect... Team some ivory ribbon and feathers together for a luxe look. Search the garden for some leaves and attach them to the gift box with twine are a great choice to show off and eco-friendly product. Add a strip of wrapping paper and you'll have a relaxed style gift.



Show everyone your creative side and get stitching! Lightly draw your design on the inside of the lid and carefully stitch along the line with yarn, cotton or twine - use large stitches to prevent the card from tearing.

Use paper doilies as a decoration in so many ways! We scrunched ours and teamed it up with some burlap and twine for a rustic look.


For those creative kids who's imaginations run wild tape some coloured crayons or pencils to the outside of the box to keep them amused for hours (also works as a fun party favour at birthday parties!). We also added strips of neon washi tape to the lid of the box.

Use brightly coloured yarn or string to attach a co-ordinated pompom for a super cute effect! Coordinate it with a strip of wrapping paper to complete the look.


Look around the office to see what you can find - We found some funky paperclips tucked away in the back of the cupboard and looped them into some ribbon for a sleek finish.

For a super simple wrapping idea grab some coloured rubber bands and use contrasting colours to make patterns on the box. Bunch them at one end of the box or create a geometric pattern like we have here.


Chevron ribbon or paper creates a beautiful modern and simplistic Scandi look - match it up with a single strip of ribbon for a touch of class. Coloured or patterned washi tape is a super easy way to decorate a box. You can just put long strips of tape or cut smaller strips and lay them in a random pattern as we have done here.

Let us know your favourite design by commenting below! We'd also love to know how we can help you with your packaging questions... we could feature your question in a future blog!

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