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Gift Ideas for a New Year's Party

Gift Ideas for a New Year's Party - PackQueen

Impress guests at your New Year’s bash with creative party gifts and favors. Discover unique ideas like champagne flavored gourmet popcorn, glittery hats, confetti poppers, and other fun treats. Give your attendees something to celebrate besides the clock striking midnight!

There was a time when New Year's was the gift-giving day to make welcoming the new year all the luckier. The tradition of giving gifts, along with wishes for good health, wealth and a prosperous year ahead dates back to the time when the Romans and Celts gave away branches of olives and mistletoe, the sacred plant, to the Medieval and Victorian gifts which mainly involved sweets, gold, and jewels.

The tradition may have evolved a bit but the spirit is still the same: sending loved ones off to the new year with your best wishes and love.

Here are some gift ideas you can explore to ring in the new year with:


Magnums of champagne, wine and even coffee beans or bags of hot cocoa - there's no better way to toast the old and welcome the new than with a tasty drink in hand. A few things are considered as celebratory as champagne and wine is a close second. However, for friends and family whom you know aren't big fans of those beverages, good coffee and luxurious hot cocoa can be just as good.

Why stop there, though?

If you want to go all-out by having a drinks party with your favourite people, you can get festive glasses freckled with stars and confetti and put together a grazing platter or cheese board.


Premium chocolates are also a gift of choice especially for those in your life whom you know has a sweet tooth. In the medieval times, chocolate was so expensive that they were reserved only for royalty so you can treat your loved ones like royalty with a box of the most luxurious chocolates you can find.

If you want to combine sweetness with a dash of the season's colours, you can opt for a box of candied fruits or other vibrantly-colored sweets.

You can also give a hamper filled with fruits if you like, especially the round ones. It's a tradition in some countries in Asia to layout round fruits at the table on New Year's for good luck, just so you know.


Sterling silver necklaces or bracelets adorned with someone's initials, a tennis bracelet or a lone band, jewelry remains to be the gift of choice, especially for the women. Heirloom pieces are on top of the hierarchy followed by statement pieces, designer specials and custom-made ones.

Cufflinks, tie clips and pocket square pins are the top choices for men followed by signet rings and designer watches to make the dapper gentleman in your life even more debonair.

Calendars, planners, diaries and other pieces of stationery can also make good gift items for a new year's party.

Say thank you for the year that was and bid the past farewell with memorable gifts, some of which will be treasured for a long time. Ring in the new year and toast to good health, wealth and a prosperous new year with your loved ones by giving a gift they will surely love.

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