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Food Packaging and Safety in Australia

Food Packaging and Safety in Australia - PackQueen

Whether you're just starting out in the food business or have been there for a long time, the main thing you need to be vigilant about is food packaging and safety. Not just to keep your products safe and fresh, but also to ensure the safety of your customers.

What are the risks of using the wrong packaging?

It may sound silly, but there is 'right' and 'wrong' packaging when it comes to food, and using the wrong one can come with A LOT of problems for everyone - you, your products, your customers, or all three.

By buying the right packaging and using the right packing methods, you can make sure that:

  • Dangerous microorganisms can't get into the food through damaged or dirty packaging
  • Parts of the packaging doesn't fall off into the food
  • There are no chemicals which can leak into the food

How to reduce the risk

You can reduce the risk massively simply by choosing the right packaging for your products. Check with the manufacturers' symbols that will be suitable for your needs. Will it be frozen or refrigerated for long periods of time? Does it need to be microwavable or oven-proof? Is your food wet or dry? If you choose the wrong packaging, there's the likelihood of damage or leakage to the package and the contamination of foods. If you're not sure about the right materials for these things, don't hesitate to ask.

The materials of your packaging are, of course, almost out of your hands. But what you can do is make sure that they're sold by a reputable company such as PackQueen. Buy from someone you know will take food packaging and safety very seriously and their packaging is food grade safe.

However, you CAN control how the packaging is handled once it's in your hands. You can make sure that your packaging is handled with good hygiene and cleaning practices throughout the packing process. You should ensure that there is no chance of food being contaminated during the packing process and that everything is packed properly and securely.

How to make sure your packaging is safe and good for the environment

Now that you know your packaging is food grade safe, how do you make sure it's also recyclable? More often than not, food packaging is single-use to stop contamination, but you can make sure it's environmentally friendly by buying products made from recycled materials that can then be recycled again.

First of all, make sure you know which materials are most widely recyclable where you're going to be distributing your products. These tend to be glass, paper, cardboard, cans, and some plastics. This varies around the country, however, and you can't guarantee that your customers will recycle their leftover packaging.

It's not just how easy it is to reuse and recycle you should consider, it's the sustainability as well. Card and paper can be easily recycled but require trees to be cut down. Some plastics can also be recycled but are very rarely sustainable. However, some can be reused, such as plastic bottles and tubs.

Where to find the best food packaging

Whether you need packaging for chocolates, noodles, doughnuts, wine, and more, here at PackQueen we have something for everyone. We offer custom printing options, flexible sizing, customisable labels, and more to make your products stand out from the crowd. We can help answer any questions you might have about food packaging and safety and help you choose the right ones for your product.

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