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Five Easiest Ways to Brand Your Packaging

Five Easiest Ways to Brand Your Packaging - PackQueen

Make your product packaging instantly recognizable with these five easy branding tips. Learn low-cost techniques like using your logo, brand colors and messaging to make custom boxes, bags and labels. Stand out on shelves and elevate perceived value through strategic branding.

As a business owner, it's always gratifying seeing your brand name on things and there's nothing like a well-branded box or parcel to market your business. It doesn't have to be anything big. Here are some ways you can use your packaging to further your brand.

Printed Boxes

Most suppliers have print options so you can have your logo or artwork printed onto your box. Choose a font and print type that best suits your brand image.


The subtle touch of a branded sticker on a packet or a box can be as effective. Use labels and stickers printed with your brand name or logo to secure wrapping and seal boxes for a nice finishing touch.


Another subtle way to brand you packaging is by using tissue paper or gift wrapping paper customised with your brand logo or name. It's a nice touch to have tissue paper cushioning your items and lining the boxes. It promotes your brand while also showing your customers that you care for the purchases.


Along with branded tissue paper, customised ribbons to cinch the wrapping also work. Even if you're using plain, generic tissue paper to wrap your items in, a branded ribbon to tie the packages with can be just as effective.


Dropping a care card or thank you note in the box along with your products can also work in branding and owning the packaging. Even if you're using a generic box, a card inside with a little note to the customer, stamped with your company name or logo can be enough.

There are many ways to brand your packaging at any budget. All it takes it a little creativity and innovation. You can do it subtly and tastefully but done right, you can be sure your packaging will generate instant brand recall.

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