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Easter Packaging tips for Long Term Holiday success

Easter Packaging tips for Long Term Holiday success - PackQueen

This Easter, stand out with holiday packaging that delights customers beyond the season. Discover pro tips for designing Easter boxes, bags and wraps that spread cheer now while building your brand long-term. We'll explore materials, branding strategies, and unboxing experiences to promote loyalty.

When we hear Easter, we think Eggs. Real eggs and all sorts of egg-like cuteness are crafted with the thought of making them, especially for this season. No matter where what or how your eggs are made from this is a special season that deserves packaging made especially for this holiday. Easter is one of the few challenges of stepping up your perfect packaging to phenomenal some time in a year.

Even in the starting course of a business, we place our best efforts in both the product and the packaging. It is more than tempting to just let this holiday pass because it's just a day after all, but the first step is the hardest. Doing it once makes the second and so on easy peasy.

We all know that packaging is but a way to advertise and make your product even more marketable and competitive. Customers will always look for something in, something appropriate for the day. And when your competitors have just exactly that something, would you just let them take the spotlight to themselves?

To help you get through this season's hustle, we have curated some packaging tips and ideas to consider for your next Easter.

Make it new each time

Like any other day, Easter is just a day in a week of a month, it comes and it goes. So why the fuss? But fussing over it can win you extra points to your customer looking forward to what you'll give them in succeeding years.

Easter is a great advantage to confectioners and chocolate manufacturers as it is one of the easiest products to shape and decorate. Chocolates are a treat themselves and you might not need to do much about it, just that, there few more who can create what you create. That is when packaging ideas play their trump card. Consumers know pretty much how a standard sweet would taste, it can never go too bad no matter what. The thing is, adults buy them as gifts for kids, and what kids like most are what their eyes can feast on before munching whatever is inside the box.

The advantage of holiday packaging is that you need to do it only in a short period, which means, you don't need to worry much about the sustainability of the design. If done right, it can generate twice or thrice your normal sales and if you're getting even luckier, customers will remember your brand as one of those who can provide competitive options.

It is in nature however that good things have their downfall. That short period will most likely create an impact on your consumers. They will remember what you offered this year which will hunt back in the next Easter. The only choice is to innovate each time. Don't even think about creating the same thing for the consecutive year as it may look like you've run out of tricks, or just too lazy to even bother improving.

The real challenge is to create something special and something new each time that it doesn't get old in their memory. Make them keep on looking forward to each Easter, watch out to grab your product cause everybody just loves it.

Respond to the Trend

Would it be a Yes? Or a No? You need to answer the trend when it comes to packaging for holidays especially ones with distinct symbols like Easter. There are many areas of what is in. What product, packaging style, material, design, pricing, promos, and many more. Pick only what you can control. You can't change your product yet you can do something to make it blend in with eggs, can't you?

When it comes to packaging, you can't say no to the eco-friendly trend. You can choose to say no to the trend in design and go against them with a striking turn on the other side that s that no one can resist your uniqueness but always remember to keep responsible.

Repeat History

It is not a generally great idea to keep doing the same special for each year but it might work the other way around when you give them what they missed the second time around. In the history of your business packaging projects for every Easter, there should be one or two that skyrocketed your sales. That one edition of Easter Special which the people kept asking for more.

When you're almost running out of new ideas for each year, it can be a good trick to bring back something great. When their cravings have heightened, years of anticipation was built up, that is when you can strike them with the same thing they loved or an improved version.

Safety for your Packaging

This will be the last thing you would want to neglect at times like this. E-commerce has been growing more and more each day. Be it in consumer goods, apparel, and even bookings for services, customers prefer to do it online. It started with the sense of convenience and now it has been our savior during times of pandemic. To get it straight, E-commerce = Shipping.

After considerations have been done and your product is good to go, the last thing which is the most important thing is packing it safely, keeping it intact until it reaches the doorstep of your customers. There are lots of options to consider from opting for heavy-duty packaging or having a separate Shipping Box with some fillers and you're good to go.

Nothing is ever too late. Now you have plenty of time to plan for the next years' Easter. Curate and line up your themes and ideas. Talk to us and we will help your ideas come to life.

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