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DIY Wedding Invitations & Boxes

DIY Wedding Invitations & Boxes - PackQueen

Looking for affordable wedding invitations that still have that handmade charm? Learn how to DIY beautiful invitations, envelopes and boxes for your big day. With a little creativity and these easy tips, you can assemble elegant wedding stationery that looks luxe for less.

Looking for a cost-effective solution for your wedding Invitations?

Well DIY is not just for hardware stores! Have you thought about doing your wedding invitations DIY? There are hundreds of DIY wedding invitation kits available online and with a little bit of time and creativity you can produce something unique to invite your guests to your special day.

Things to consider:

Check the cost of posting your invitations before you design them.

If you are on a budget you may find that sending out your invites could be more expensive than you think! Do your research with Australia Post or a courier as it's far cheaper to send something that is a standard size. It's also much cheaper to use wedding invitation envelopes or boxes that are a standard size and design your invitations around that.

Research your design

See what other people are doing with their wedding invitations - There may be a font or a design element that suits your theme and you can use this as inspiration for your own creation.

Research printing options

There are hundreds of beautiful paper stock options to choose from, but it's very important to find out from the supplier whether you can print on these using your home printer or whether they need to be printed on professionally. Professional printing will add to the cost of your wedding invitations, however, the results can be amazing! If you're printing the invitations yourself, make sure you have spare ink cartridges handy, the last thing you want is to run out of a colour halfway through! Making sure you have extra paper is important too. You're bound to print a couple of duds before they come out perfect!

Do you have a theme for your Wedding?

Is there a colour scheme you are using? A flower that has a special significance? A place that you and your partner love? Use this as your inspiration! If you're arty you could sketch or paint a flower, or use a photo of your favourite place as a background. The possibilities are endless! PackQueen have a range of ribbons that make for beautiful embellishments for your invitations.

Things to remember:

  • You only need one invite per couple or family, so check your numbers prior to ordering everything that you need and you won't end up with a bunch of leftovers you won't use
  • Most paper suppliers will have samples available for a small or no fee, so that you can compare products and make sure that you are 100% happy prior to purchasing. PackQueen has a sample service available so that you can test the size and quality before making a large purchase.
  • If you aren't confident designing your own invitations from scratch, there are hundreds of templates available online that you can customize and make your own.
  • For consistency stick to the same theme with your RSVP cards, place cards, save the date cards, maps and thank you cards and make sure you keep a set for yourself as a beautiful keepsake of the day.
  • PackQueen have wedding invitation boxes and wedding invitation envelopes in a range of colours and sizes check out our range online.

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