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Customised Gifting: The Best Way to Engage Clients and Staff

Customised Gifting: The Best Way to Engage Clients and Staff - PackQueen

Giving a gift is great, but customising it with unique packaging takes it to the next level. Learn why custom boxes and wrapping make excellent client gifts and employee rewards. Discover the branding and engagement benefits of customised gifting for your business.

Throughout the business community, gift-giving is a common practice. However, the fact of the matter is, gifts are not given unless there's an occasion or a milestone that calls for it. It has also become accepted that the same kind of gifts are to be expected, takes away the thought and care that goes into the act of gift-giving.

Instead, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning their attention to customised gifts as a means of standing out from the crowd. You're giving a gift to another business is to get them to engage you in a way that will be profitable so why would you risk making a poor impression by giving them something boring and predictable?

Tailoring Gifts to The Audience You Wish to Reach

Anyone in business that looks into customised gifting will inevitably find ways to incorporate their brand into the final package. While this is smart in terms of increasing brand awareness, it is also worth considering the reason for the gift and the impression that you want to make.

Sometimes less is more, and the positive impact made is a result of an apparent lack of tacky branding. In other instances, cleverly incorporating your brand elevates the package and shows your creative side, which can inspire confidence.

We have all become somewhat desensitized by how standardized corporate gifting has become. It can often feel like a more lavish gift is required to really make an impression. However, customised gifting isn't always just about the value of the gift. Instead, thinking about smart packaging and how the gift will appear in it's custom box creates a unique experience for the recipient.

Those who engage their creative side and use their imagination to send something that is identifiable with their brand while providing the recipient with a novel experience is a great way to get people talking. The more that your business partners and staff talk, the greater the chances are that you will attract prospective new customers, partners and new hires.

Employees are the backbone of any business. As such, it is important that they feel that their efforts are recognised. Instead of just rolling out the same rewards when targets are exceeded, or new milestones are reached, treat your employees to something customised to their endeavours.

This will make them realise that their bosses truly appreciate their efforts. This will also foster a deeper sense of loyalty and the cumulative effect throughout the company, boosting morale and inspiring greater productivity.

A custom gift is also a clever way to engage your advertising and marketing departments. Even during months where you need to limit the spending on traditional marketing efforts, custom gifting can prove to be a highly effective advertising tool. Viral campaigns are often started from something seemingly inconsequential that takes fire.

Why Thinking Outside the Box Reaps Rewards

Every business will know the points in their calendar when they can anticipate high and low demand. Custom gifting during periods when business is traditionally low can often lead to a much-needed uptick. The reason for this is that your clients are probably not expecting anything of the sort until Christmas, or another typical occasion.

As such, catching them off-guard, so to speak, can often inspire them to re-engage, or it might prompt them to pass your business name onto someone else that could use the products or services that you provide.

So, next time you are wondering how best to say thank you, or let prospective customers or partners know that you're still around, don't just assume that you have to spend big to achieve a positive response.

Custom gifting may open your business up to new avenues that were previously not considered, but it will undoubtedly strengthen the bond you share with your business partners, customers and employees.

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