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Customer Spotlight - With Love From

Customer Spotlight - With Love From - PackQueen

We recently discovered an adorable little bakery of custom-made cookies, donuts, macarons and other baked goods in Glenmore Park, NSW called With Love From. We reached out to one of its bakers, Jessica Dewhurst, and found out that it's possible to still work a regular 9 to 5 while at the same time pursuing your passion even when it's creating delightful breadstuff.

We are a young couple who have a passion for baking! Jessica began when we asked her how the business got its start. We both have full-time jobs but in our spare time, you can't keep us out of the kitchen. We started about 1.5 years ago when we realised our baking was too good not to share! We make personalised cookies, macarons and baked donuts!

We then asked Jessica what she loves most about having With Love From in existence. What we love the most is when customers come to collect their orders and to see how happy they are, she replied. It really makes us excited to keep baking and making new and improved products!

PackQueen has enjoyed a rewarding partnership with Jessica and With Love From. They use a lot of our European Matt Laminated Gift Bags in Matt White, among others. We're ever grateful that they've chosen our boxes for their creations. What set our boxes apart from the rest that made Jessica and With Love From choose PackQueen?

PackQueen's boxes are of a high standard and really help give our products the final touch of elegance and quality, Jessica answered. They always come in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier to have found such an amazing company.

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