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Customer Spotlight - Wilson Property RCI

Customer Spotlight - Wilson Property RCI - PackQueen

Wilson Property RCI is a family owned and operated real estate buy-and-sell company in Victoria headed by Maree Whitty. She describes the business as, We make buying or selling your home an exceptional and unmatched experience helping you every step of the way from the moment you list your property for sale to the day you move in and beyond.

When asked what she loves about the business, Maree states, Being able to provide exceptional service and helping our clients find their perfect home.

Wilson Property RCI uses PackQueen's Gift Voucher Box - Matt Black and DL Gift Voucher Pouch - Matt Black to, Assist us to provide our client gifts in a professional and stylish manner, according to Maree.

We love knowing that we're able to help even businesses like Wilson Property RCI. How about yours? What role does PackQueen's products play in your business? Let us know and be featured next!



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