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Customer Spotlight - White Bite Desserts

Customer Spotlight - White Bite Desserts - PackQueen

If you're in Melbourne and looking for a bakery for bespoke baked treats for your next big event or just to give away to friends and loved ones, check out White Bite Desserts.

We reached out to head baker Rabia Arikan to find out more about the business, how it all started and what inspires her.

From a young age I have always loved cooking and baking so my business formed naturally over a year ago, she recounted when asked how White Bite Desserts first got started. I made cookies and dessert cups for a friend's baby shower which everyone loved, so all my family and friends encouraged me to start a business.

We then asked her what her favorite thing is about White Bite Desserts. I love being creative, I love being able to create different designs/styles with my clients based on their event and colour schem, she enthused. I love being in the kitchen baking and creating, it really does bring me joy.

Rabia uses a lot of PackQueen's Cookies Boxes with Clear Windows in both Smooth White and the ones with brown insides as well as out 82mm Gift Boxes with Clear Lids in Smooth White.

What made her choose PackQueen's boxes among all the others in the market?

PackQueen's products are always amazing, great quality and unique styles, she replied. I feel like PackQueen's products take my dessert creations to another level. They complement each other and look amazing!

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