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Customer Spotlight - Truffle & Co

Customer Spotlight - Truffle & Co - PackQueen

Truffles have always been viewed as luxurious, sumptuous and rich. They have been known to be rather expensive which is why they're mostly used as sparingly as possible - garnish to dishes, added flavour to desserts - but that doesn't make it less sought after.

That's why it's a good thing there's a little truffle dessert maker in Guildford, NSW that custom-makes delightful little delicacies. We spoke to owner Aysha Zarmati to find out more about this little deluxe dessert factory.

Truffle Arrangements by Aysha is not just a business but also a hobby of minE, Aysha replied when asked about how the business came to be. She told us the heartwarming story of how Truffle & Co changed her life: I started about 3 years ago with the encouragement of my family and close friends but have been on and off due to career and personal health issues. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety one year ago but have been able to accept and move on with my life with the help of my little hobby. It gives me a purpose to not fall victim to my illness and keep pushing toward my goals.

I work on my own and specialise in luxury homemade chocolate truffles custom made to suit each of my clients' event.

And what does she love about Truffle & Co now that it's become a phenomenal success?

Having the chance to create favours or gift my truffles for my client's special occasions brings me immense joy. To be asked to be a part of those special moments and treat their loved ones with my humble chocolates is priceless, she answered.

Aysha uses a lot of PackQueen's chocolate boxes with slide-over covers and inserts all in smooth white. What made her choose PackQueen for her packaging?

My work is based on a simple, elegant and modern theme so it is vital for me to find packaging that compliments my chocolates and maintain a high level of presentation. PackQueen chocolate boxes have by far been the best quality, she said in response. Not to mention the speedy delivery and friendly packaging.


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