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Customer Spotlight - Thistle Be Nice

Customer Spotlight - Thistle Be Nice - PackQueen

We're starting a new and exciting programme here at PackQueen and it's called Customer Spotlight wherein we swivel the spotlight over to shine on our customers - YOU!

Thistle Be Nice is an online shop of colourful illustrations, sculptures and animation - all lovingly handmade from owner Sophie McPike's Melbourne home studio.

Owner and creator Sophie has this to say when asked what she loves about brainchild Thistle Be Nice, I just love being able to create what I want to create - and to have people love it and want to have a piece of it for themselves! It's an amazing feeling. I also have really busy hands! I just love making, making, making! I'm passionate about trying new things all the time and experimenting in my practice. So, being able to do this is really one of the best things about running my own illustration business.

Sophie is a big fan of PackQueen's box board which she says, - helps me to be able to package my high quality art prints safely so they stay flat and secure. This means they can travel across the world without a single bend or scratch.

It's nice to know that even creatives like Sophie can find a vital use for PackQueen's products in her daily comings and goings.

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