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Customer Spotlight - The Wright Macaron

Customer Spotlight - The Wright Macaron - PackQueen

Spunky, spirited and specialised - words one will very gladly use to describe the vibe of The Wright Macaron, a bright spark of a bakery in Wodonga, VIC. We reached out to owner Tegan Wright to talk about all the sweet things that make up business.

PackQueen: How did The Wright Macaron get started and how would you describe it to us?

Tegan Wright: We are a gluten-free dessert catering company specialising in novelty macarons for weddings and parties. We stock 17 cafes and wholefoods across 3 states as well.

We cook from a gluten-free kitchen which means our stock is safe for coeliac consumption which was our main purpose when we started out 3 years ago. Our aim was to provide quality, delicious desserts that you couldn't tell were gluten-free for fellow coeliacs.

We have since expanded our range to include vegan, Keto and Paleo desserts.

PQ: What do you love most about The Wright Macaron?

TW: The freedom it provides. We homeschool our two children and Chris work full time while he also serves as a head chef for a local restaurant. Choosing who we supply and whom we accept orders from means we are able to maintain our lifestyle.

PQ: You've used some of our macaron boxes like those for 2, 12 and 13 macarons with the slide-over covers in both white and kraft brown. What made you choose PackQueen boxes?

TW: PackQueen has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of being a zero-waste company by 2020. We pick items that are recyclable but still provide beautiful packaging for our gift boxes.

Our customers have been thrilled with our choices and the fact we are not adding to landfill.

We're thrilled too, Tegan! Here's to more years of working together for a healthier, happier community and environment!


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