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Customer Spotlight - The Cakeup Artist

Customer Spotlight - The Cakeup Artist - PackQueen

A passion for something I had no idea would turn into The Cakeup Artist came to life in late 2016 after finding myself intrigued by the 'bespoke celebration cakes' I had never seen before but truly admired. I decided to jump onto YouTube and found some tutorials and followed those with some research into all things cake-baking and decorating, Danika Smith recalls with fondness when asked about the humble beginnings of her beloved business. I am always inspired and supported by the outstanding cakers community and offering a whole range of beautiful dessert creations to Adelaide!

A peek at the business' Instagram page reveals cakes and pastries done up in lively colours as well as intricate, beautiful and, at time, quirky decorations. The company's business page, it turns out, is one of Danika's pride and joy.

What I love most about what I do is when someone has had a look through my Instagram feed and decides, based on just a few pictures, that they can completely trust me to create something for them with free rein in the design processes, she says. I still can't believe that people want to purchase MY creations and have total faith in me to make their special day that little bit sweeter! Being able to combine my creative side and sweet tooth to create custom edible desserts for customers is actually a dream come true!

Danika uses PackQueen's Gift Boxes with Clear Lid and Chocolate Boxes with Paperboard Inserts all in Smooth White and an assortment of our plastic window boxes.

As for her choice of using PackQueen for her packaging needs, Danika has this to say: I remember feeling rather limited with choices for specialty packaging like macaroon, cookie and chocolate boxes as my local suppliers really only had one or no options similar to what I wanted to use at the time. Stumbling across PackQueen was a little overwhelming at first but super exciting because I finally had a massive choice not only in product and sizing but colours too! My vision for my branding has always been important to me and I hope to take PackQueen products with me as my dessert dreams move onward and upward!

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