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Customer Spotlight - Sparetime Co

Customer Spotlight - Sparetime Co - PackQueen

"Everything I make is made with love, made in my spare time but spare time, made for you."

This is the philosophy behind Sparetime Co's products: flashcards to encourage and enhance children's learning as well as milestone cards to celebrate life's little triumphs as your little tykes grow.

Today's Customer Spotlight is on Sparetime Co and its founder Kirsty Hester. We're looking into the company: how it started, where it's going and its ongoing partnership with PackQueen.

We started by asking Kristy about how the company got its start and she was more than happy to share Sparetime Co's mission and vision as well as its humble beginnings.

I am 27 years old and before I had children, I sold property and ran my own beauty salon from home, she began. I became a mother in 2016 to one amazing little lady, 2018 the boys arrived, identical twin boys!

All of our products are 100% Australian made and we use 100% recycled card box packaging, she went on about Sparetime Co. Something that we are really passionate about is keeping our product Australian made, recycled where possible and supporting the Perth Children's Hospital, so we donate $1 from every box sold to the Perth Children's Hospital as this foundation is something that we use regularly for our little girl and is very close to our hearts.

Spare Time Co started in my spare time while on maternity leave and has grown organically over time. Every bit of spare time that I have I spend on this. It is my way to keep sane. Being a stay at home mum can be draining mentally and my business has kept me from going crazy, Kristy added. Designing, posting and watching families use and appreciate a simple yet stylish and effective way to document the first year of their newborn baby's life makes me all kinds of happy.

There are lots of things I love, Kristy began when we asked her what she loved most about the business. Three main things would be the ability to work from home and not have to put my kids into care, helping mums remember all those special milestones and moments in their babies' lives and supporting the Perth Children's Hospital.

Kristy favours PackQueen's Slim Line C6 Gift Boxes and C6 Invitation Boxes both in Recycled Brown. What makes her go back to PackQueen's boxes for her packaging needs? They keep our products safe for life, she replied and then added, But they also make them look amazing on the shop shelf and in their new homes!

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