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Customer Spotlight - Rosa's Baking

Customer Spotlight - Rosa's Baking - PackQueen
Check out @rosasbaking on Instagram and you'll find a baker that creates delightful spectacles for the eyes and taste buds for just about every occasion. Make sure to follow their page so you can hit them up as soon as you need to whenever you have an upcoming event. Then you can impress your guests with exquisite treats that you can either serve as desserts or give away as favours.

We reached out to chief baker (chief everything, actually) Rosa Nocera to find out the history of the business, among other things. We started out by asking her how the business came to be.

Rosa's Baking started when I decided to give up full-time work 3 years ago and thought I would start baking as a hobby to fill my time and through social media it sort of turned into a thing, Rosa recounted, but I have always loved baking and creating sweet, pretty dessert. What I do is a range of sweet desserts but mainly cookies, cakes, macarons and dessert cups.

And what does she love about the business? What I love is positive feedback which gives me the confidence in what I do, she gushed. I love the most when my clients come and pick up their order and seeing their reaction!

Rosa prefers PackQueen's 2- and 4- pack Chocolate Boxes with Clear Lid and Insert in Smooth White. She told us the simple reason why she chooses PackQueen's boxes for her baked stuff: They just finish my product in making them look beautiful!

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