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Customer Spotlight - Raw Bulk Wholefoods & Harbor Chocolate

Customer Spotlight - Raw Bulk Wholefoods & Harbor Chocolate - PackQueen
Healthy eating enthusiasts, hear, hear! We're checking in with sister companies Raw Bulk Wholefoods & Harbor Chocolate from Victor Harbor, SA and their owners Glenn Wade and Fran Heffernan.

Harbor Chocolate opened in February 2018 as an accompaniment to its sister store Raw Bulk Wholefoods. We started manufacturing chocolate as a result of our passion for chocolate and a desire to create something new for the local community and passing tourists, recounts Glenn. Our passion for chocolate is magnified as a result of the terrific feedback that we have received from our customers.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have the ability to create something of quality that looks good and tastes magnificent - for all to enjoy, was Glenn's reply when asked what they love about owning Raw Bulk Wholefoods & Harbor Chocolate. Making quality chocolate is a pleasure rather than a business.

We're proud to have a part in Raw Bulk Wholefoods' & Harbor Chocolate's daily operations. They use some of our plastic window boxes.
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