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Customer Spotlight - Personalised Cookies

Customer Spotlight - Personalised Cookies - PackQueen
Today, we're checking in with Nikki Kennedy and her darling cookie business Personalised Cookies. We wanted to know how it all came about, where it all began and why they favour PackQueen's boxes like the Rectangle Gift Boxes with Clear Lids in Smooth White and A5 Postage Box in White, for example.

PackQueen: Tell us about Personalised Cookies.

Nikki Kennedy: Personalised Cookies was born in September 2018 out of the love of creating beautiful cookies that delight and surprise. The business was started by researching business names that really expressed what we were all about... and the name says it all. Once we were all registered, I then went about completing as many health, food and safety courses I could to make sure I had a full understanding of the food handling process. I always made cookies for friends and family but taking Personalised Cookies to the next step was a whole new experience. Once all my courses and work experience were completed, I then applied for a Brisbane City Council food license and was issued with a 4-star food safe rating (as high as I could go for my category). From there I built my website and created my marketing material. Having a graphic design and marketing background I found this just as exciting as launching the business!

Marketing was launched via Facebook and Instagram and an initial order of promo stock/packaging and ingredients was delivered to start this little idea.

A year on we have just celebrated our first birthday and our cookies have been popular than ever... It's hard to keep up and so grateful to have such wonderful clients and suppliers that support my little empire.

PQ: What is your most favourite thing about Personalised Cookies?

NK: I love the smiles it puts on people's faces when they open their box!!

PQ: How do PackQueen's boxes help you with your business?

NK: Being a new business, I pride myself on communication, presentation and first impressions and I align myself with suppliers who support this. Right from the start I knew I wanted a premium product and PackQueen was not only able to supply me with quality packaging, but their customer service and delivery turnaround is second to none. The boxes I purchase definitely give the wow factor for my product.

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