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Customer Spotlight - Neisha Breen Creative

Customer Spotlight - Neisha Breen Creative - PackQueen
We recently met Neisha Breen and we were introduced to her passion projects/businesses in Lilydale, VIC called Neisha Breen Creative and Sugar Harvest Chocolates.

We started by asking her to give us a background on herself and everything that she's got going on, how it all started and where it's all headed.
I have a painted chocolate truffle business that I started years ago, she began in response. I create custom-made wedding favours by hand painting the chocolates with cocoa butter. I also do photography on the side, which is a new hobby of mine that I'd like to pursue further.

We probed Neisha on what her favorite thing is about Neisha Breen Creative and Sugar Harvest Chocolates and she rushed on: I love how creative I can be with both making the chocolates and photographing them!

For her chocolate business, Neisha uses a lot of PackQueen's Chocolate Boxes with Clear Lids & Inserts in Craft Brown, Chocolate Boxes with inserts and dividers in Craft Brown and Rectangle Chocolate Boxes with Clear Lids.

What made her choose to use PackQueen boxes in the business?
I have been using PackQueen since the start! She replied. Their designs are sleek and simple and easy to fold; they have very fast delivery times. They have quite a few options for colours which is great to give brides a choice for their bonbonniere.

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