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Customer Spotlight - Me Time Just for Me

Customer Spotlight - Me Time Just for Me - PackQueen
Sometimes, life kicks you down so hard you think you're never going to get up but it's in the getting up that our strength of character and faith in ourselves that we are tested and, ultimately, rewarded.

In connection with this, we got in touch with Sue Brabender and asked her about Me Time Just for Me to find out where she got the idea for it and what it stands for.

Me Time Just for Me was registered as a business in July 2018 so we are still relatively new, Sue began. Two years ago, I was grief-stricken from the passing of my father, working in a highly demanding role and suffered a nervous breakdown.

I was running on empty, giving to everyone else and feeling very overwhelmed. It wasn't until my sister sat me down and told me that I wasn't breathing, that I realised I was broken and needed to take some Me Time.

I started sharing my story and creating conversation, she continued. Doing this, I've been able to encourage people to focus on their well-being and mental health through education, inspiring and reminding them to take some Me Time. I've now created an amazing range of products to help others as well as a community of Me Timer's.

We then asked her what she loves most about the business, I love that I am doing something that I love, Sue replied. I am getting messages from complete strangers saying that I am inspiring them. I am working from home, have the flexibility to look after my family and do all of the mum things I didn't do before.

Sue uses a lot of PackQueen's extra-large Premium Pillow Packs in Matt Black, Satin Edge Organza Ribbons in White and Industrial Bubble Wrap. What made her choose PackQueen products in her business?

I have put together an amazing array of gift boxes that is ever-evolving, she said. I use both the pillow boxes and large boxes depending on what is being ordered. They are perfect for my Me Time gifts.

Sue Brabender has been dealt with some blows in life but she decided to turn her tears into inspiration and she now has a heartwarming story to tell along with a successful business venture to show for it.

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