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Customer Spotlight - Lustre Blooms

Customer Spotlight - Lustre Blooms - PackQueen

Lustre Blooms is a luxe online florist specialising in weddings and events but also offer online arrangement and gift orders.

We started 3 years ago, after always having the passion for all things creative and floral but never really having the opportunity to pursue this avenue, florist and designer Bridgette McLachlan recounts. After having our first daughter, I wanted to be able to one day show her that it's never too late to start something new or follow a dream. It hasn't always been easy but I can say it has definitely been worth it.

Being able to create and produce something that genuinely can make someone smile and bring on so much instant emotion for a total stranger is truly incredible, she replies when asked what she loves most about having Lustre Blooms in her life. But also being a part of someone's special day and having the ability to make it just a little bit more magical than they could have ever imagined is seriously humbling.

We're also humbled to be part of Lustre Bloom's joy-bringing activities because of our Custom Printed Tissue Paper that Bridgette uses in her packaging.

PackQueen's Tissue Paper has been incredible for both our wrapped bouquets but also our wedding presentation. Elevating our professional aesthetic but also our branding, she states. We've had a great response from all our customers.


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